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Southern Taiwan Regional Governance Platform Leadership Conference: Focus on Net Zero Sustainability; 2025 Conference to be Hosted by Penghu County
Penghu County Government 2023-03-17 243
    Penghu County Magistrate Chen Kuang-Fu led the county government team to attend the “Southern Governance Platform” Leadership Conference on the 17th, where senior officials of central ministries and 7 counties and cities in the south gathered to exchange ideas on net zero carbon emissions, waste treatment, green transportation, blue highways and water resources, etc. It was also decided that Penghu County will host the 2025 Southern Taiwan Regional Governance Platform Leadership Conference.

    Chen Kuan-Fu noted that in 2015, the Penghu County and Kaohsiung City governments co-hosted the “Ocean Double Star Joint Governance Conference”. During the event, then-mayor Chen Chu invited Penghu to join the Southern Taiwan Regional Governance Platform to collaborate and integrate resources. In 2016, Penghu County officially joined the Platform. This year, at the invitation of Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chi-Mai, the Platform kicked off once again, fostering collaboration among the administrative regions in southern Taiwan to work together to resolve livelihood problems for the people.

    Magistrate Chen pointed out that the Southern Taiwan Regional Governance Platform mainly focuses on “2050 Net Zero Transformation” policies. In addition to advocating various innovative concepts, the platform seeks to reach a consensus through cross-county and city exchange meetings to address the livelihood problems that have been troubling people for years.

    Magistrate Chen stressed that Penghu County plans to become a low-carbon island in line with the central government policies to reduce carbon emissions, and actively promote green energy policies. Furthermore, on the problem of waste disposal in Penghu, in addition to participating in joint proposals to promote household waste disposal reciprocity mechanisms, the establishment of the Southern Taiwan Waste Coordination Contact Platform, and also to study the method of waste disposal in the field.

    The Southern Taiwan Regional Governance Platform Conference will be re-initiated again this year, inviting Chiayi County and City to participate in the conference. The number of participating counties and cities has increased from the original four to seven. It will further deepen cooperation and interaction through operational mechanisms such as Senior Official meetings and Task Force meetings to create a sustainable net zero home in southern Taiwan and to embrace the world from the South.
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