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Penghu Ocean Conservation Education Center Seedling Farm - Taiwan's First Combined Marine Rehabilitation and Environmental Education Facility Inaugurated
Penghu County Government 2023-02-22 66
    The Penghu Ocean Conservation Education Center, the first facility in Taiwan that combines ocean ecological rehabilitation and environmental education promotion, was unveiled on the morning of the 22nd at the Seedling Breeding Farm. Penghu County Magistrate Chen Kuang-Fu, Penghu County Council Speaker Liu Chen Chao-Ling, Ocean Affairs Council Minister Kuan Bi-Ling, and Deputy Director of Ocean Conservation Administration Wu Long-Jing jointly cut the ribbon to mark a new chapter of ocean ecological conservation and environmental education in Penghu.

    During the ceremony, Chen Kuang-Fu pointed out that last year, the county government released more than 8.8 million fish, shellfish, sand crabs and other seedlings and planted 3,800 corals. In addition to promoting marine ecological rehabilitation work to enrich marine resources, the county government seeks to encourage the concept of marine conservation to take root downwards, passing on the concept of protection of marine life. It is hoped that the Ocean Conservation Education Center can fully maximize its functions to foster the sustainable development of ecological resources.

    Liu Chen Chao-Ling said that the fishing industry is the lifeblood of the county’s economy, and the ocean is the mother of Penghu that nurtures all its people. Therefore, ocean conservation must be deeply rooted in people's hearts to make the marine ecology of Penghu better day by day. She hopes that the central and local governments will work closely together to safeguard the marine ecology of Penghu.

    Minister Kuan Bi-Ling, Chairperson of the Ocean Affairs Council (OAC), noted that Penghu has the second ocean conservation center in the country. In the past, Penghu has been very effective in coral rehabilitation, sea turtle, cetacean rescue and seabird habitat conservation, and the OAC and the Penghu County Government Seed Breeding Farm are working closely together to adopt the latest immersive technology to let the public experience the process of ocean conservation in an immersive format. She looks forward to more cooperation with the county government in ecological conservation, fisheries sustainability and local revitalization.

    The Penghu Ocean Conservation Education Center promotes the rehabilitation of various marine fish, shellfish, coral reefs and algae and ocean conservation education. The county government has obtained funding from the Ocean Conservation Administration (OAC) of the OAC to use paper-cutting art as the base and green turtles, bottlenose dolphins and giant clams as the theme of iconic conservation species. In addition, the species cultivated by the aquatic seedling breeding farms are used as illustrations and entrance imagery is added to present the results of the joint efforts of the central and local governments in ocean conservation.

    In addition, the latest immersive experiential technology is integrated to present the results of coral reef habitat restoration and ghost net removal in Penghu. Furthermore, an ocean theater is set up to showcase truly immersive videos to captivate viewers and promote the correct knowledge concept of ocean education. Various light boxes and display cabinets are set up to raise awareness of the problems faced by the ocean and the results of coral reefs and macroalgae cultivation.

    The Penghu County Government has formulated relevant conservation regulations for the conservation of the marine ecology of Penghu. In order to enable visitors to Penghu to gain a first-hand grasp of the relevant regulations and present the suitable conservation measures in physical or graphic format, visitors are welcome to make the Penghu Ocean Conservation Education Center the first leg of a Penghu tour itinerary.
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