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Chen Kuang-Fu Leads County Government Team to Sign the Integrity Pledge, Declaring Openness and Transparency
Penghu County Government 2023-01-10 143
    Penghu County Mayor Chen Kuang-Fu led the county government team to sign the "Integrity and Transparency Pledge" on the 10th, to kickstart integrity and transparency in governance as one. During the event, Chen stressed that "clean government" and "transparent administration" are the county government's goals in governance, and also a response to the pre-election promise to the people of the county. He emphasized that all personnel shall not engage in buying or selling of official posts. Regardless of whether they have already taken office, as long as the investigation has confirmed such actions to be true, such officials shall be dismissed. Magistrate Chen also expects the county government team to establish a culture with "integrity," "transparency," "efficiency" and "integrity," so as to create an "anti-corruption government with integrity."

    Magistrate Chen chaired the first county meeting after taking office on the afternoon of the 10th, during which the "Integrity and Transparency Pledge Signing" was held and participating county officials signed the "Penghu County Integrity and Transparency Pledge", showing the determination to establish a "clean government" through the signing event.

    Magistrate Chen noted that the fight against unlawful behavior and corruption has been his long-held principle. Civil servants should adhere to integrity, openness and transparency. If there are any conflicts of interest, such incidents should be handled in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. He reiterated his commitment to upholding integrity, honesty, professional dignity and citizen participation in the philosophy of governance to promote government, and the implementation of sunshine politics.

    The Penghu County Government stated that the content of the Penghu County Integrity and Transparency Pledge stipulates that public officials should declare their assets in accordance with the Act on Property-Declaration by Public Servants and practice the sunshine laws. In case of lobbying and receiving gifts of value, officials should follow the Ethical Norms of Civil Service Integrity and relevant regulations. They should not use their positions, titles and powers to claim privileges or benefits for themselves or others during their tenure; their spouses and relatives by blood or marriage within the third degree on kinship shall not be appointed by the competent authorities; within three years after leaving the service, civil servants shall not be directors, supervisors, managers, shareholders or advisors of business decision-making roles that are directly related to their duties within five years before leaving the service.
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