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Commitment to Enhancing Road Safety: Chen Kuang-Fu Cancels Siwei Road Planted Area and Adjusts to a One-sided Parking Space
Penghu County Government 2023-01-17 209
    Penghu County Magistrate Chen Kuang-Fu went to Magong City on the 17th to survey the urban road pedestrian space improvement project at the intersection of Siwei Road and Wenguang Road. Magistrate Chen pointed out that Siwei Road in Magong City is an artery road for large vehicles in the urban area to connect to other destinations. In order to improve the smooth flow of traffic in the area, the planted area along the road will be completely abolished, while one-sided parking spaces will be set up to enhance road safety.

    The Penghu County Government held a senior administration meeting on the 17th to review the pedestrian space improvement project of Siwei Road in Magong City. After the meeting, County Magistrate Chen Kuang-Fu, accompanied by Vice Magistrate Lin Jie-Shin, Secretary General Tsai Chi-Shien and Director Chen Yu-Yun of the General Affairs Department of the Penghu County Government proceeded to the intersection of Siwei and Wenguang Road in Magong City to survey the urban road pedestrian space improvement project, and were briefed by Director General Hsueh Wen-Tang of the Public Works Department.

    Chen Kuang-Fu noted that many members of the public reflected that the road improvement project of Siwei Road has led to the reduction of traffic space and the width of the intersection bend has become narrower. Although the project design is in line with the regulations set forth by the Construction and Planning Agency of the Ministry of the Interior, the road section is an urban artery ring road with the need for ample space for traffic. Therefore, there is a need to cancel planting areas or adjust the width of road bends.

    Chen Kuang-Fu explained that the county government originally planned to set up parking bends and planting zones with the existing space, but in order to improve the use of artery roads and to facilitate urban traffic flow, in addition to the elimination of planting zones, the parking space is to be adjusted to one-sided parking grids, with parking along Siwei Road free of charge.

    The Public Works Department said that the urban human-centered road landscape enhancement project is intended to improve the quality of sidewalks and roads, and set up shared pipelines to reduce the frequency of road excavation, and will subsequently conduct a review of the problems identified in the road space, and strengthen the relevant protective measures during construction to reduce traffic accidents caused by the project.
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