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New Year's Day flag-raising Ceremony Chen Kuang-Fu: Encourages Voluntary Participation Next Year and County Government Team to Embody Enthusiasm and Efficiency
Penghu County Government 2023-01-01 348
    The Penghu County Government held the "112th National Day of the Republic of China Flag Raising Ceremony and Celebration" at the county government square on the morning of the 1st. Penghu County Magistrate Chen Kuang-Fu announced that from 2024 onwards, in addition to the county government's first-level directors, the flag-raising ceremony will encourage organizations from all walks of life to participate voluntarily, and expects the county government team to uphold enthusiasm and efficiency to work together for the future and to take care of the people of Penghu.

    The Penghu County Government's 112th New Year's Day Flag Raising Ceremony kicked off at 7:35 a.m. with a drum performance by Zhongshan Elementary School, followed by an energetic folk dance and a Sichuan Opera Bian-Lian (face-changing) performance by the Chaoyang Community, which won enthusiastic applause from the public.

    At 8am, Chen Kuang-Fu attended the ceremony with the county government team, schools, agencies, institutions, associations, military and local residents, led by Concert Band of National Penghu Marine
    Fishery Vocational High School and Penghu B.A.S.T. Small-Scaled Performing and Opera Studio, and the attendees sang the National Anthem aloud in energetic and bright voices. They then saluted to the National Flag as everyone welcomed a spectacular and wonderful new year.

    Chen noted that Penghu is subject to cold weather from the northeast monsoon. To encourage all county government agencies' colleagues and young students, he announced that in future flag-raising ceremony activities, in addition to the county government's 1-st level directors, organizations and schools from all walks of life are encouraged to participate freely.

    Chen said that on the first morning of 2023, he was touched to see everyone gathered at the County Government Square for the flag-raising ceremony. He further pointed out that In the new year, he will lead the county government team to serve the people with the greatest enthusiasm and efficiency, and lead Penghu to continue to improve and progress.

    After the Flag Raising Ceremony, Chen Kuang-Fu and other representatives fired the starting pistols for the “All Citizens Running Event”. Participating citizens started from the County Government and ran along Minzhu Road, Zhongshan Road, and then returned to the County Government via Zhongzheng Road.
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