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19th Magistrate of Penghu County, Chen Kuang-Fu, Sworn In
Penghu County Government 2022-12-25 93
    The inauguration ceremony of the 19th Magistrate of Penghu County was held on the morning of the 25th at the Performance Hall of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Penghu County. The newly inaugurated magistrate of Penghu County, Chen Kuang-Fu, said he would lead Penghu forward with a humble and sincere attitude, and through optimizing policy planning and high level execution, so that the residents of Penghu can receive more comprehensive care. At the same time, the county government team shall work hard for the welfare of the people of Penghu, to accelerate the pace of development, and replace differences and confrontations with tolerance and cooperation, striving to make Penghu a happy and prosperous place.

    The 19th Penghu County Magistrate Swearing In and Handover Ceremony was held at 9:00 a.m. on the 25th in the Performing Arts Hall of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, with Minister without Portfolio Lo Ping-Cheng presiding over the ceremony and outgoing County Magistrate Lai Feng-Wei handing over the official county seal to Chen Kuang-Fu to take over the important responsibility of governing the county. The county government's administrative team, hundreds of dignitaries, guests from all walks of life, and local residents attended the ceremony, which was a simple yet ceremonious affair.

    During the ceremony, Chen pointed out that good governance results in a happy life in the county. He is determined to lead the county government team so that the county residents can receive the most comprehensive care. Offshore subsidies for the military, civil service, and teachers are increased to seniority of the same level for all 3 offshore areas. Furthermore, the construction of social housing and subsidies for the renovation of dangerous old houses serve to provide housing and care for the youth. The county government also aims to protect the livelihood of fishermen by amending and removing the inappropriate fisheries laws, and to provide an annual transportation subsidy of NT$10,000 for students who are domiciled or enrolled in a Penghu university and reduce their burden in transportation.

    The quality of medical care is improved through the establishment of the Penghu Medical Ambulance Fund, which addresses the need for emergency medical transportation and evacuation, and the subsidizy of ambulance costs for Penghu County residents in Taiwan to create a quality medical environment. At the same time, the county government is promoting policies such as free nine-valent HPV vaccination for children aged 9 to 14, partial subsidies for adult health checkups for county residents aged 30 or older, free pneumococcal vaccination for county residents aged 60 or older, and denture subsidies for seniors aged 65 or older, as well as pneumococcal NT$40,000 for full dentures and NT$20,000 for half dentures so as to safeguard the health of county residents.

    In addition to ensuring a conducive environment for Penghu children to grow up in happily, the county government will also share the burden of parents in raising their children. The county government will promote subsidizing diapers and milk powder for children under 2 years of age at NT$1,500 per month, offering discounts for confinement nurses to come to Penghu and take care of local pregnant mothers, and providing subsidies for uniforms, stationery, and out-of-school teaching expenses for elementary school children, setting up indoor inclusive playgrounds to protect children from the strong wind in winter and the scorching sun in summer. This strengthens the development of special physical education programs and AI tech teaching. Policies such as the promotion of the technology curriculum and the large-scale club exhibition foster student clubs' development so that Penghu children not only grow up happily, but also thrive.

    On tourism development, indoor exhibition spaces will be constructed to allow visitors to stay indoors. The Penghu Defense Command barracks' historic buildings are set to be opened to the public on a priority basis to strengthen the connections with military tourism. During the off-season, the county government will continue to promote winter sports events, folklore celebrations, local culture, and homecoming campaigns for serving military personnel to enjoy special gifts and other activities to increase the competitiveness of domestic tourism. On the basis of sustainability education, the county government will also accelerate the development of a marine eco-tourism park, speed up the launch of the underwater museum, and adopt metaverse and immersive technology to expand tourism sources and drive a rebound in tourism numbers to Penghu.

    To strengthen local industries and development, the county government also seeks to promote the establishment of a new recruit training center, promote the local economy, transform the county's historical buildings into cultural and creative exhibition venues, include space for youth entrepreneurship, encourage individual innovation, establish a multi-faceted platform for investment and industry and innovation counseling, establish an intelligent science park, and encourage employment. At the same time, the county government shall integrate farmland to attract young farmers to return to their hometowns and young budding farmers to come to Penghu, injecting new life into Penghu agriculture, and assisting farmers in cold chain needs to build more ice production plants and strengthen marketing channels. Launch a youth startup space and base to provide two years of free startup space for young people. Dedicated window to provide entrepreneurial counseling resources, funding and matching.

    Chen Kuang-Fu also urged the heads of bureaus and departments to race against time, to work together for the happiness of Penghu residents and the development of Penghu, and to replace differences and confrontations with tolerance and cooperation to strive for the greatest well-being of the people of Penghu.

    After the ceremony, Chen Kuang-Fu held an inaugural press conference in the first meeting room at B1F of Pescadores Resort. Chen shared the vision and philosophy of his administration, emphasizing that the new county government team, under the spirit of “Empowering a Better Life in Penghu with Good Administration”, will strive to improve social welfare, education quality, tourism industry, marine resources sustainability, medical service improvement, and deliver positive results in the shortest possible time to fight for a better future for Penghu.
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