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Ocean Carbon Sink to Save the Earth: Chen Kuang-Fu Optimistic about Penghu Setting Up Ocean Blue Carbon Demonstration Area
Penghu County Government 2022-12-26 98
    Prof. Ray Dawn, Dean of the School of Banking and Finance and Prof. Hung Chin-Chang, Dean of the College of Marine Sciences, National Sun Yat-sen University, went to Penghu County Government on the afternoon of 26th and presented “Ocean Blue Carbon Strategy”. Penghu County Magistrate Chen Kuang-Fu, noted that the marine areas around Penghu is suitable for the development of blue carbon to increase the carbon absorption capacity of the ocean and mitigate climate change, and he is optimistic about the establishment of the Ocean Blue Carbon Demonstration Area.

    Prof. Hung noted that the oceans, land (including forests) and the atmosphere are the three main active carbon sinks on Earth, each accounting for 93%, 5% and 2% of carbon sink capacity. The waters and water quality of Penghu are very suitable for the cultivation of potential macroalgae to sequester carbon and promote blue carbon sinks.

    Prof. Hung pointed out that the carbon fixation of algae can absorb the excessive nutrient salts in the Penghu inland sea, and the establishment of the Ocean Blue Carbon Demonstration Area in the future can bring in industry and tourism income for Penghu.

    Chen Kuang-Fu said that he was happy to see the development of the Blue Carbon Demonstration Area, and hopes the successful sequestration of carbon through the cultivation of macroalgae. In the future, carbon trading can be used to increase the county treasury revenue, which will help Penghu’s economic, financial and social welfare development.

    Excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leads to accelerated global warming. The delegation from Sun Yat-sen University visited the county government to discuss with relevant units to identify potential carbon sequestering algae types, cooperate with the county government to develop a blue carbon demonstration area, and establish a sound methodology and module for carbon sequestration by macroalgae.
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