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Lai Feng-Wei Attends Joint Ritual of the “Mazu Temple Sanjia Qibao” Dajia Mazu Procession to Pray for the Blessings of Mazu for Penghu
Penghu County Government 2022-12-10 70
    The Joint Ritual of the “Mazu Temple Sanjia Chibao” Dajia Mazu Procession was held in the evening of the 10th at the Mazu Cultural Park, with Penghu County Mayor Lai Feng-Wei offering incense to Mazu to pray for her blessings to Penghu and to protect the people of the county.

    Lai said the Mazu Cultural Park erected the world’s tallest statue of Goddess Mazu in October. This event was a great opportunity to spread the positive energy of compassion, happiness and blessing. He thanked the Penghu Mazu Temple, the various temples in Penghu and the director of the event director Chen Shuang-Chuan and prayed that Mazu would bless Penghu and bless the people of the county with peace and prosperity.

    The “Mazu Temple Sanjia Chibao” procession began with the lighting of a horse cannon by a dignitary, starting from the Mazu Cultural Park. Accompanied by about 18 palanquins, Dajia Mazu entered Magong City for a parade through the streets, passing through Chongguang Weiling Temple, Xiwei Chenwei Temple, Guangrong Lingguang Temple, Hongmaocheng Wusheng Temple, San Guan Temple, Dongjia Beiji Temple, Magong Beichen Temple, Chenghuang Temple, Guanyinting Temple, Tongshan Temple, Nanjia Hai Ling Temple, Tibiao Temple, Jingfu Temple, Penghu Shuixian Temple, Magong Mazu Temple. Whereever the procession went, there were loud commotions from firecrackers and prayers by the faithful.
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