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Penghu County Indigenous and New Immigrants Food Fair: Lai Feng-Wei and Liu Chen Chao-Ling Affirms Promotion of Integration and Fusion
Penghu County Government 2022-11-13 64
    The Penghu County Indigenous Cultural Promotion Association held a food exhibition for ethnic integration on the 13th, where a smorgasbord of indigenous and new immigrant hometown cuisines served to link different ethnic groups or communities together. Penghu County Magistrate Lai Feng-Wei and Penghu County Council Speaker Liu Chen Chao-Ling commended the event, where everyone interacted with each other regardless of race, nationality, language and culture, fully demonstrating the power of ethnic community integration and unity.

    Magistrate Lai noted that the population of new immigrants in Penghu is about 1,700, while also home to nearly 700 indigenous people. People from different countries and ethnic groups overcome the language and cultural barriers and come to Penghu from their hometowns and work hard to improve their life for their families and themselves. We should therefore respect, understand and accept each other, and practice tolerance and recognition of diversity and integration.

    “We are all one family,” Lai said, adding that whether it comes to indigenous people or new immigrants, over the past few years, the county government and the county council have improved the services and hardware facilities of gathering spaces, promoted the talent empowerment of new immigrants, developed a comprehensive service system, hoping to meet the diversified needs of new immigrants and indigenous residents more effectively, so that everyone can receive satisfactory care and attention.

    Liu Chen Chao-Ling also noted that due to the epidemic, the Penghu County Indigenous Cultural Promotion Association has not held a homecoming and root-finding event for three years. This time she invited the new immigrants to join in the fun and relieve their nostalgia for home with delicious hometown food. It is very meaningful for different communities to meet here, come together in harmony, share their hometown food and show their love for Penghu.

    The food fair was held at an indigenous village, where everyone dressed in traditional costumes and served their favorite hometown dishes, including aboriginal roasted pork, fried snails, traditional Caozaiguo, seasonal vegetables, chopped corn-fed boiled chicken, as well as cold spring rolls, braised beef with bread, cold shredded papaya salad, kumquat chicken claws, among other new immigrant dishes, accompanied by singing and dancing in a lively atmosphere.
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