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Agriculture and Fishery Village Youth Co-Creation Results Exhibition - Lai Feng-Wei and Liu Chen-Chao Ling Commends Creativity and Re-affirms Support for Youth Entrepreneurship
Penghu County Government 2022-11-06 41
    The Agriculture and Fisheries Bureau of Penghu County Government held the “2022 of Agriculture and Fishery Village Youth Incentive Action Program” exhibition at the Hung Ken-Shen Art Museum on the 5th of December under the theme of “Penghu Youth Evolution Theory”. Penghu County Magistrate Lai Feng-Wei and Penghu County Council Speaker Liu Chen Chao-Ling commended the youth’s ideas on “creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship” and re-affirmed their commitment to be the strongest support for the youth through concrete actions.

    Magistrate Lai pointed out that he is well aware that it is not easy for young people to start a business. Therefore, in addition to the active promotion of SBIR for many years, the county government set up a youth startup base this year with the strong support of the Penghu County Council, and expanded the allocation of startup entrepreneurial grants, as well as obtaining funding from the central government to encourage young people to introduce their expertise and creativity into agriculture and fishing communities. This serves to foster local revitalization empowered by youth in Penghu, and helps them fulfill their dreams.

    Lai commended the youths present at the event for considering the local industry and ecology. Their works exemplify good craftsmanship, good culinary skill, and great effort, which will help the development of agriculture and fisheries in Penghu County and the rejuvenation of farming and fishing villages, and also let the public witness the evolving charm of the youths in Penghu.

    In the future, the Penghu County Government and Penghu County Council will continue to work closely with the central ministries and agencies to channel resources for youth entrepreneurship, rural rejuvenation, and local revitalization, so as to provide a more friendly environment for youth to start their own businesses and stimulate the participation of more youths to reinvigorate Penghu.

    Council speaker Liu Chen Chao-Ling pointed out that local industries will only be revitalized and economically viable with the contribution of young people. The Penghu County Government and Penghu County Council will strongly support youth entrepreneurship with practical actions, so that youth entrepreneurship is no longer merely a slogan and the dreams of Penghu youth can come true.

    The Agriculture and Fisheries Bureau pointed out that the 8 youth entrepreneurship teams selected this year are Jolly Service, Pu Studio, Yijie Islander, Khu Sea Women Dragon, Penghu Brunch+Backpacker, Sea Bird Liking, Shared Island, Pingzhong Islander, with a total of 19 youths participating. They help to link Penghu agriculture and fishery with in-depth experiences, education, landscape art, friendly humanities, ecological practices and other ways to sustainably connect youth, agriculture and fishing village land, and the sea.

    During the exhibition on the 5th, the eight youth teams selected this year interacted with the public through handicraft experience, poster boards, exhibit displays, and videos to showcase innovative and creative elements, which were positively received by the public.
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