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Over 500 Join Qingluo Autumn Beach Cleanup Season: Lai Feng-Wei Hopes Cleanup of Sea and Land Fosters a Clean Island
Penghu County Government 2022-10-30 187
    The Penghu County Government held the "2022 Autumn Marine Debris Trash Removal and Community Environmental Cleanup Activity" on the morning of the 30th, calling on about 500 people from all units to take practical actions to love their homeland. Penghu County Magistrate Lai Feng-Wei came to the scene to express his encouragement for everyone's hard work and hope that Penghu will become the cleanest island in the world by cleaning up the land and sea together.

    Magistrate Lai noted that in the past four years, the county has conducted more than 850 beach cleanups, cleaned up about 450 kilometers of coastline, and about 625 tons of marine debris and mobilized more than 45,000 people. Not only has the coastline become clean, and even the removal of 400,000 meters of discarded submarine nets, topping anywhere else in Taiwan.

    The county government's Environmental Protection Bureau held the "2022 Autumn Marine Debris Trash Removal and Community Environmental Cleanup Activity" at Qingluo Beach on the 30th. A total of 900 kilograms of general trash, 640 kilograms of resource trash, 100 kilograms of driftwood, 44 kilograms of fishing nets and fishing gear, and 66 kilograms of polystyrene were removed from the beach, totaling 1,750 kilograms of marine trash, achieving a remarkable result.

    Magistrate Lai pointed out that 2022 is the “Year of Environmental Protection” of Penghu County. The county government dispatches mobile inspectors every day to inspect the cleanliness of road environments, activates environmental inspection teams, enforces improvements of barbecue fumes, cleans beaches, reduces plastic, and promotes forestation, green grass, low-carbon plastic-reducing green travel initiatives, accessibility-friendly clean public toilets, low-carbon sustainable homes, and source reduction to improve environmental cleanliness.

    Lai Fengwei indicated that ensuring a beautiful and clean beach depends on all county residents working together to maintain it. Beach cleanups should be a regular occurrence, and everything comes down to "not afraid of being slow, only afraid of standing by". All should bend over and pick up trash and debris to clean the beach, step by step, little by little, to maintain a clean and tidy environment, leaving future generations with a beautiful coast.
    The Environmental Protection Bureau said that the autumn beach cleaning activities have been held three times this year, and more than 200 people have participated each time. For this event, a total of 500 enthusiastic volunteers braved the northeast monsoon and actively participated in the beach cleaning activities, including the 7th Coastal Patrol of the Kinmen-Matsu-Penghu Branch, Coast Guard Administration, OAC; Huxi Township Office, Huxi Health Center, Environmental Protection Bureau; Taipower Penghu Office; the Penghu Branch of the Tri-Service General Hospital; the Ministry of Health and Welfare Penghu Hospital; Guangming Community; Anzai Community; Qingluo Community; Baikeng Community; Hongluo Community; Huxi Community; Hudong Community; Aimen Community; Longmen Community; Zhenhai Community; Qingyin Shiguang Association; Profond Co., Ltd., and Beima's Garden B

    The Environmental Protection Bureau stated that 2022 is the "Year of Environmental Protection" in Penghu, and the main axis of environmental management is to "eliminate mess and improve the environment". This beach cleanup activity was extended to village communities to carry out environmental cleanup, to realize the goal of Penghu’s Year of Environmental Protection to clean up the sea and land together, to showcase the local government's determination to take action to love the land and protect the sea, and to work together with everyone to protect the coastal environment. Everyone should do their part for the sustainable survival of the earth.
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