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Penghu’s First Artificial Turf Football Field Inaugurated in Pengnan Junior High School: Lai Feng-Wei and Liu Chen Chao-Ling Promotes Football to Take Root in Penghu
Penghu County Government 2022-10-24 145
    Penghu's first artificial turf football field for futsal was inaugurated at Pengnan Junior High School on the 24th. Penghu County Magistrate Lai Feng-Wei and Penghu County Council Vice Chairman Chen Shuang-Chuan attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony, pointing out that the county government and county council actively sought funding from the Ministry of Education to build artificial turf football fields, hoping to cultivate more outstanding local football players in Penghu, so that football sports can take root in Penghu.

    Lai noted that the development of football in Penghu has been going on for many years, but the county lacks a standard 5-a-side (futsal) football field. The county government and county council actively sought funding from the Sports Department of the Ministry of Education, which approved subsidies for Pengnan Junior High School to build a 5-a-side artificial turf football field in line with international standards. This helps create a center for the promotion of football and football education and training in Penghu County, and to provide quality training venues for players.

    Lai Feng-Wei added that the Penghu Elementary School Football League has been active for many years, and the Pengnan Junior High School has also established a football team. After the artificial turf football field is completed and implemented, it will continue to foster football sports and culture among elementary schools, providing quality football sports venues, promoting football competitions, and cultivating budding players with high potential.

    The Penghu County Government stated that with blistering heat and little rain in summer, and cold and windy winter in Penghu, the maintenance of natural turf is not easy. Artificial grass is not subject to weather restrictions, but also does not need a turf rest period. It is available for all-weather, all-year-round use, and the use of mechanical equipment maintenance can effectively reduce manpower, water and lighting maintenance, to achieve environmental benefits, and save maintenance costs.

    The county government indicated that the Pengnan Junior High School artificial football field was funded by the County Government’s Department of Education with an NT9.9 million grant from the Department of Sports. The county government raised an additional NT$1,171,339. The project was commissioned to the Public Works Department on May 2021, with construction starting on January 13, 2022 and completed on September 27, 2022.

    The Penghu County government said that the field adopts the specifications approved by international competitions and is equipped with FIFA certified artificial turf. After its inauguration, it will not only provide teachers and students with teaching use, but also help cultivate grassroots sports players and provide a quality sports and leisure venue.
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