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Three Outlying Island Counties Forum: Heads of the Three Offshore Counties of Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu Gather to Share Experiences in Governance
Penghu County Government 2022-09-24 430
    The magistrates, legislators, council speakers and officials of the three offshore island counties gathered at 10:30 a.m. on the 24th September at the Discovery Hotel in Penghu to share their experiences on governance achievements and ideas, to encourage each other, to promote friendship among the three counties, and to unite in the spirit of solidarity.

    The Three Outlying Islands Forum was hosted by Penghu County Magistrate Lai Feng-Wei, who noted "the three offshore island counties are united in one heart and stand in solidarity". He hoped that through this forum, the three counties can cooperate and learn from each other, establish an interactive mechanism, and demonstrate the common strength of the islands to coexist and prosper together.

    Penghu County Council Speaker Liu Chen Chao-ling pointed out that the three offshore island counties need support from the central government on many policies, programs and in terms of finances. She is glad that the three counties are using this opportunity to work together, pool their ideas, and support each other, and hopes that the other two counties will provide suggestions to Penghu County to make Penghu better.

    Kinmen County Magistrate Yang Chen-Wu emphasized that while the three counties have different geographies, industries and backgrounds, but the policies they are fighting for, the circumstances they are encountering and the problems they are overcoming are all the same. The forum allows the three offshore island counties to discuss with each other in different areas, to form a consensus, to find a solution, and to work towards a common goal.

    Lienchiang County Mayor Liu Tseng-Ying pointed out that he was glad to be able to learn, exchange, support and encourage the other two counties together for the well-being, construction and progress of the outlying islands of Taiwan. In the face of the same problems and development goals, he hoped to pool the strengths of the three counties to make the most of the limited resources.

    During the forum, the three counties respectively presented and shared their recent achievements and policy ideas. In recent years, Penghu County has been successful in reducing plastic and cleaning up beaches, with the highest number of beach cleaners and the highest amount of marine debris removal in Taiwan, and presented the topic of "Marine Debris Treatment and Plastic Reduction". Kinmen County presented "Transforming Kinmen into a Low-Carbon Island - Promoting Electric Vehicles and Constructing a Friendly User Environment", on the results of using low-carbon transport vehicles and low-carbon energy to become a low-carbon demonstration island. Lienchiang County presented the "Matsu International Art Island" and introduced the participants to the local cultural characteristics and natural features of Lienchiang's four townships and five islands.

    As border restrictions are expected to be relaxed on October 14, the three counties reached a consensus at the meeting and unanimously called on the central government to open up the "Small Three Links".

    In addition, in response to the gradual long-term loss of primary civil service manpower in the offshore islands, the Penghu County Government invited the Ministry of Examination Minister Hsu Shu-Hsiang, Examination Yuan member Wu Hsin-Hsing, and local representatives to discuss the issue of "special civil service examination for the offshore islands", exchanging opinions and sharing experiences, with the hope of implementing the localization of talents by brainstorming solutions.

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