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Lai Feng-wei and Ko Wen-je conduct intercity exchanges with the aim of mutual learning and cooperation
Penghu County Government 2022-08-13 208
    Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je led a team from the Taipei City government to Penghu for a two-day, one-night exchange on the 13th, and Penghu County Magistrate Lai Feng-wei led the county government team to welcome them, with the hope of promoting mutual growth and development and enhancing mutual friendship through intercity exchanges.

    Lai Feng-wei said that intercity exchanges can help expand horizons and uncover places that he could not see or imagine before. For example, the Green Green Grassland in Penghu County was inspired by New Zealand and Australia, while the Knights of Environmental Protection was inspired by Tainan City. The two initiatives have hugely transformed Penghu to become clean and beautiful.

    Lai Feng-wei said that it is only possible to learn from one another through mutual exchange. Taipei City is a capital of advantages and there are many things that Penghu can learn from it. He encouraged county leaders to seize the opportunity during this trip to learn from the Taipei City government, so that the county government can improve.

    Ko Wen-je said that engaging in exchange means to learn, collaborate and make friends. Since he took office, the Taipei City government has established a set of SOP’s to resolve various problems. There are many areas in which Penghu and Taipei can cooperate and it is hoped that the exchange will be benefit residents of the county and city.

    Ko Wen-je and the city government team arrived in Penghu on the 13th. They first visited Four Points by Sheraton for an intercity exchange conference, where the county government presented the situation of youth entrepreneurship and marine education, the Taipei City government promoted city expo and smart education and both sides exchanged souvenirs.In the afternoon, they visited Duxingshi Village and the Seed Improvement and Propagation Station and brought gifts to the Guanghua Army Camp.On the 14th, they paid their respects at the Penghu Tianhou Temple, and visited Nanliao Village, Tongliang Great Banyan, Xiyu Ammunition Depot and Erkan Historic Village.
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