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Pengnan Reading Center begins operations: Lai Feng-wei hopes for students to grow among books
Penghu County Government 2022-08-26 526
    The Pengnan Reading Center jointly established by Pengnan Branch Library, Penghu County and Boyo Social Welfare Foundation opened on the 26th. Penghu County Magistrate Lai Feng-wei attended the opening ceremony and said that reading can cultivate temperaments, expand horizons and broaden knowledge. It is hoped that the Boyo Social Welfare Foundation be stationed in Pengnan Reading Center to enrich the lives of children born in Pengnan and for the children of Pengnan to utilize the reading center to read widely, acquire knowledge and grow among books.

    Lai Feng-wei said that Pengnan Branch Library, Penghu County was built after he received a letter from a schoolmate Weng Pei-yung in his first year of serving as county magistrate, advising that a library be built in Pengnan, so that students can have a place to study located nearby. With the assistance of residents of the Suogang area, private and public land were integrated and a marine themed library was built based on a design blueprint by Pengnan architect Lin Hsien-jui.

    Lai Feng-wei said that the Boyo Tuition Center was stationed in Pengnan beginning from 2015, running after-school tuition classes in Wude Elementary School and Pengnan Junior High School. This year, with the recommendation of Pengnan Junior High School principal Lan Sung-ti, Boyo collaborated with Pengnan Branch Library to enrich reading resources for disadvantaged students to enhance their competitiveness.

    The Boyo Social Welfare Foundation director Hsu Chia-wen said that Professor Li Chia-tung first founded the organization in Puli Town, Nantou County in 1992 and this year marks the 20th year of its establishment. As of today, it has set up 17 tuition centers throughout Taiwan, with facilities covering 42 townships and 203 elementary and junior high schools, serving nearly 3,500 students. Among them, Penghu Tuition Center has been located in Huxi since 2000. Currently, it provides free after-school tutoring services to 200 students in Magong City (including Pengnan) and Huxi Township, with the hope of giving students a chance to study happily and explore freely.

    The Cultural Affairs Department said that Pengnan Branch Library, Penghu County and Boyo Social Welfare Foundation collaborated to revitalize the space on the second level. The combination of Boyo Social Welfare Foundation’s tuition classes and Pengnan Branch Library’s diverse resources helped expand students’ accumulation of after-school knowledge for students and the Pengnan Reading Center was set up to enable students’ learning to expand beyond the classroom and cultivate their ability for independent learning by reading widely and students are encouraged to utilize library resources and cultivate good reading habits.

    The opening ceremony of Pengnan Reading Center was held on the second level of Pengnan Branch Library in the afternoon on the 26th, inviting school principals, village leaders, community development association directors and students and parents of the Boyo Social Welfare Foundation in Pengnan to take part. The event began with an opening act by the Juzhiyin Orchestra and the opening ceremony was attended by Lai Feng-wei, legislators Lu Huang Chun-chin and Su Chen Hsiu-se, Director-General of Education Department Su Chi-chang, Director of Cultural Affairs Bureau Hung Tung-lin, Chairman of Magong Residents’ Association Hsu Kuo-cheng and member of Magong Residents’ Association Su Yu-te. Next, video highlights of the foundation’s past 20 years were shown, sharing the students’ learning journey in after-class tuition. The event then concluded with a summer family market fair, giving children a chance to spend their Boyo coins accumulated from their hard work and redeem gifts of their wishes. Aside from building children’s self-confidence, it can also enhance their learning enthusiasm.
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