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The Tri-Service General Hospital Penghu Branch Completes First Open-Heart Surgery on an Offshore Island, County Magistrate Lai Affirms the Localization of Medical Treatment.
Penghu County Government 2022-07-20 338
    The Tri-Service General Hospital Penghu Branch (TSGH Penghu Branch) has successfully completed the first open-heart surgery in an offshore island and held a "Medical Results Presentation and Medical Equipment Donation Ceremony" on the 20th of July. During the ceremony, Penghu County Magistrate Lai Feng-Wei affirmed that the TSGH Penghu Branch has reached a new milestone in localized medical care and hoped that the hospital would continue to upgrade the equipment and human resources to provide better care for the people of Penghu.

    The TSGH Penghu Branch stated that a 75-year-old man living in Magong City was diagnosed by Dr. Cheng Hsu-Chih of the Department of Cardiac Surgery of the TSGH Penghu Branch as having valvular heart disease with severe atresia of the aortic valve, mitral valve and tricuspid valve and congestive heart failure and had to undergo emergency surgical heart surgery. On April 7, General Tsai Chien-Sung, Deputy Director-General of the Medical Affairs Bureau, Ministry of National Defense led the open-heart surgery team of the Tri-Service General Hospital to perform the surgery. The patient recovered well and was discharged from the hospital.

    Magistrate Lai pointed out that the TSGH Penghu Branch has completed the first cardiac surgery, 200 minimally invasive thoracic surgeries, advanced angiography, large vessel stenting, biliopancreatic lithotripsy and AI electrocardiogram set up in each outlying island to improve local medical standards and benefiting locals.

    Lai further noted that during the COVID-19 epidemic, the TSGH Penghu Branch shouldered the important responsibility of epidemic prevention, treating seriously ill patients and administering COVID-19 vaccines to the public. As of July 4, military personnel and civilians received a total of 26,740 vaccinations. The TSGH Penghu Branch also assisted Penghu Airport to set up a screening station to carry out rapid screening operations and a total of 7,343 people were screened to protect the health of the locals.

    Lai indicated that the equipment and quality of medical services at the TSGH Penghu Branch has reached the level of a teaching hospital and it has been awarded the SNQ Symbol of National Quality Mark by the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry for 3 consecutive years. Penghu needs nursing resources and the TSGH Penghu Branch has recently signed an MOU with the Ching Kuo Institute of Management and Health to provide on-the-job training and cultivate local nursing manpower resources.

    The TSGH Penghu Branch stated that it has established an AI artificial ECG system and in April, it performed an immediate life-saving function in Wang’an Township, saving a precious life. After Mr. Chen He-Tai, a kind man who grew up in Penghu, learned of the need from media reports, he donated NT$1 million in May to purchase 5 sets of AI ECG systems for the hospital, which will greatly contribute to forming a golden network of regional ECG devices to save lives.

    TSGH President Shi Yu-Long noted that the TSGH Penghu Branch had not only completed system settings for the Wang’an Township Health Clinic, the five donated AI ECG devices have been set up in clinics in the rural outlying islands of Jibei, Niaoyu, Xiyu, with the two other units set up in the hospital's five wards and intensive care wards. Thanks to Chen He-Tai's generosity, the TSGH Penghu Branch’s will play the role of a major local health care provider and extend the preventive screening momentum to the remote areas of offshore islands to maximize immediate life-saving functions and realize the goal of "localization of medical services."
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