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With Flag-Raising at the government building square, Lai Feng-Wei announced 2020 to be “the Year of Cultural Tourism”
Penghu County Government 2020-01-01 82
    In the early morning of January 1st, the Penghu County Government hosted a New Year's Day flag-raising ceremony at the square of the county government building followed by jogging afterwards. Penghu County Magistrate, Lai Feng-Wei, announced that 2020 is “the Year of Cultural Tourism” encouraging the county government administration to exert maximum efforts and lead Penghu to progress with full confidence, hope and energy.

    The 2020 New Year’s Day flag-raising ceremony organized by the Penghu County Government featured the theme of “Energizing Ju Island for a New Prospect”. Invited to perform at the ceremony were XingRen Elementary School’s Stepping Umbrella Troupe, How We Love Dance Studio, “Face-Changing” (a Sichuan opera segment), Penghu Defense Command’s War Drum and a creative marine debris performance by Chihkan Community Development Association.

    At 8 am in the morning, Magistrate Lai along with the county government administration, schools, departments, organizations, clubs, armed forces and the general public sang the national anthem accompanied by Ju Island Musical Troupe. As the flag was raised and everyone sang the national anthem to usher in the first day of 2020, there was permeation of heightened positivity for all.

    Magistrate Lai said that 2019 is a year of further progress for Penghu with excellent results in traffic improvement, smoke exhaust regulation, beach clean-up and plastics reduction. Children in Penghu were also showing great performance in physical education, English, dance, art
    culture and language, as well as outstanding achievements in nationwide competitions. 2019 has thoroughly deserved the title, “the Year of Education”.

    Lai Feng-Wei pointed out that as Penghu is progressing with an increased sense of happiness for all, we would like to keep moving forward and crush anything that might drag us down.

    Magistrate Lai set year 2020 as “the Year of Cultural Tourism” (shortened as “YCT”) saying that culture is the foundation of the county and that through culture, Penghu folks will be informed on forefathers’ endeavors in those early pioneering days. In future, the focus will be on the re-presentation of Penghu’s historical artefacts and compilation of county history. It is also hoped that the “Mini Three Links” policy will further boost the tourism in Penghu.

    Magistrate Lai thanked the supervision from the county council led by the Council Speaker, Liu Chen Zhao-ling. Lai said that with concerted efforts from the county government and the council we shall become a mighty joint force. Hopefully with further support from the council in the New Year, the county government will continue to confront challenges and accelerate policy promulgation.
    After the flag-raising ceremony, Magistrate Lai fired the gun to set joggers off on their run starting from the county government building, passing through Jie-Shou Road, Shun-Chen Gate, Zhong-Shan Road, Zhong-Zheng Road and then back to the starting point. Prepared by the organizer, there were ginger tea and sports towers printed with “PENGHU” for all.
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