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Lai Feng-Wei awarded Penghu Seafood Certification to five businesses and 1 distributor for renewed marketing opportunities
Penghu County Government 2019-11-18 61
    On November 18, Penghu County Magistrate, Lai Feng-Wei, commended five aquaculture businesses that had passed the certification for “Origin of Excellent Penghu Fishery Products” and awarded them with the “Penghu Seafood” certificate and emblem. Magistrate Lai expressed his gratitude to the above companies and the Penghu Fishermen’s Association for all their efforts on creating new marketing opportunities for Penghu’s fresh and quality fishery products.

    Magistrate Lai stated that Penghu’s agriculture and fishery products are cultivated in a toxin-free environment and therefore unique and outstanding in terms of quality and sources. After 11 years’ hard work, the brand, “Penghu Seafood” has been established throughout Taiwan with a great brand profile and fantastic word of mouth. The increasing number of aquaculture businesses taking part in the emblem certification process goes to show that the consumers will be better reassured of Penghu fishery products’ quality.

    Magistrate Lai said that he encouraged the Agriculture and Fisheries Department to be stricter in quality tests and inspection and oceanic rehabilitation and to develop diversified fishery products so as to comply with the consumer market, enhance the sales for local aquaculture businesses and increase Penghu’s overall economic benefits.

    Chen Jing-Hui, Director of the Agriculture and Fisheries Department, expressed that it takes multiple stages of procedures to pass the “Penghu Seafood certification” in a bid to boost Penghu’s fishery products quality and provide consumers with more assurance. It involves a stringent review mechanism and many sampling inspections every year to ensure there are no residues of heavy metals and toxins. The end results are fishery products that completely comply with inspection standards. It is no easy feat to pass the certification.

    Five businesses in total have passed the “2019 Penghu Seafood Certification” this time round, and the proprietors are Chen Wen-Xiang, Wen Ding-Zhu, Wu Ding-Ji, Wu Hong-Wei, Yang Lian-Chun. The 8 certified items are cobia, striped bass, rock salmon, snapper, Silver sea bream, snubnose pompano, oyster and seaweed. There is one certified distributor: Penghu Fishermen’s Association, whose 8 certified items include grouper, striped bass, snapper, Silver sea bream, snubnose pompano, oyster and seaweed.
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