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Community reading room at Jhong Tun Elementary opens for public use
Penghu County Government 2019-11-04 54
    The community reading room at the Jhong Tun Elementary School opened for public use on November 4th. As stated by the Penghu County Magistrate, Lai Feng-Wei, during the unveiling ceremony, there is no end to the quest of knowledge. Magistrate Lai encourages students to make good use of the community reading room, read more extracurricular books, gain substantial experience
    knowledge, and cultivate capabilities for languages and communication so as to come across as a confident and presentable person.

    Magistrate Lai said that Jhong Tun Elementary School has a focus on language education and public speaking competency. Under thorough instruction of the teachers in Jhong Tun, the students have demonstrated excellent verbal communication skills on stage as they have achieved great results in language competitions across the county for many years.

    Magistrate Lai added: the world of knowledge sees no bounds. It’s not about the size of a physical place, but about whether the knowledge can be absorbed and digested. He encouraged students to read as much as they can, stock up on knowledge and know their applications. When one knows enough about any subject, he/she shall be confident and able to converse freely, given any circumstances.

    The headmaster of Jhong Tun Elementary School, Chen Hong-Xian said that “The Jhong Tun community reading room is named, “Jhong Tun Great Library” with the hope that once the environment is improved and opened to the use of community residents and students, it will serve as a comfy reading space and the students will grow more fond of reading.

    Penghu County’s Education Department stated that to promulgate reading on all grassroot levels and to construct an environment for diverse reading, there were 11 community reading rooms being established in the academic year of 2019, in addition to setting up campus reading corners, installing mobile library branches, and adding sites for “Book Storage of Love”. The aim is to elevate people’s inner character and achieve the goal of building a society exuding the fragrance of books by way of the promotion of community reading rooms.
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