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Successful removal of dumped net at seabed in the coral reef zone at Penghu yields results Lai Feng-Wei strived to revitalize the ocean to recover the blue coral reef
Penghu County Government 2019-09-20 119
    Penghu County Government spares no effort in revitalizing the ocean, and has removed about 90,000 meters of dumped nets from the seabeds this year. Penghu County Lai Feng-Wei attended the “Success of Penghu County Removal of Dumped Nets at Seabeds at the Coral Reef Zone” exhibition on the 20th and mentioned that the county government targeted removing 180,000 meters of dumped nets from the seabeds in 3 years and has completed the removal of about 90,000 meters so far. In the future, the county government will spare no effort to pursue the “12 Arrows for Vitalizing the Ocean” to recover fishery resources and the blue coral reef.

    Agriculture and Fisheries Bureau of Penghu County Government held the success of “Save the reef in one shot” exhibition at the aquaculture incubation site in the afternoon on the 20th. The results of removing dumped nets from the seabeds by the county government from the beginning of 2019 to date was on exhibition so that the public could understand the state of health of the coral reef at the sea zone of Penghu, the cause of dumped nets at the seabeds, analysis of the types of problems, and the hot spots of the sea zone in further depth. A documentary showing the cleanup process was presented to the public so that they could have a closer look at how the underwater team worked and the beauty of the coral reef.

    Penghu has an abundance of coral reef and maritime ecology. The indiscriminate dumping of unused fishing nets covered the coral reefs in the past caused severe bleaching of the coral. Likewise, large areas of the habitat for the seabed creatures were also damaged, said Lai Feng-Wei. As such, maritime creatures could not grow their offspring and the ocean surrounding Penghu faces ecological suffered a catastrophe.

    Penghu County Government unveiled the “12 Arrows for Vitalizing the Ocean” in order to save maritime ecology, said Lai Feng-Wei. For 9 months, the county has removed about 90,000 meters of dumped nets from the seabed. In 3 years, the county government aims at removing 180,000 meters of dumped nets from the seabed. In addition, a registration system has been launched to regulate the sedentary fishing enterprises, removal of 5,394 poles for netting, and to save the ocean for revitalization.

    “If flowers bloom, the butterfly will come.” I believe that if we work hard, we could get more and more fish and the annual revenue of the fishery industry of Penghu will be resume to some NT$4.7 billion as it was 20 years ago, said Lai Feng-Wei. He thanked the volunteers, the personnel of the Agriculture and Fisheries Bureau, National Penghu University of Science and Technology for their efforts in removing the dumped nets. He hopes all could make incremental effort for the sea of Penghu so that Penghu could once again earn the fame as “Home of the ocean.”

    According to Secretary-General of Fisheries Agency Miao Tzu-Chang, the Fisheries Agency has financed Penghu with NT$320 million in the last 2 years, including the removal of dumped nets, recovery of maritime creatures, and Wukan Fishery Incubation Demonstration Zone. In the future, the Fisheries Agency will administer the transformation of gill netting and establishment of an environmental protection fleet to recover the coral reef for a better habitat for sea creatures.

    Lai Feng-Wei presented the certificate of gratitude to the maritime volunteers for their efforts in adopting the sea zone to help the government in removing dumped nets from the seabeds and investigating the state of the coral zone. Mayor Lai strongly recognized their efforts in revitalizing the ocean at Penghu and the sustainability of its fishery resources.
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