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2020 Penghu International Fireworks Festival quest for innovation The first international firework competition unveiled
Press Section 2019-10-07 194
    The 2019 Penghu International Fireworks Festival at Penghu was highlighted by the performance with drones, which was the first show of its kind in Taiwan. This event has successfully attracted more than 420,000 visitors by head count for just a period of 2 and a half month and helped to create NT$2.1 billion in tourism value. More international teams will be invited and a fireworks competition will be held in the next year for broadening the scope of photography competition of fireworks. The creativity of drones helps to bring about lucrative business opportunities, said Penghu County Mayor Lai Feng-Wei. He wished the firework festival could be innovative from time to time and show the distinctive charm of Penghu in the firework show.

    The administrative meeting of Penghu County was held on the 7th day. The Department of Tourism was invited to report on the success of the maritime fireworks festival and share the experience. Integrated marketing, improvement of hardware design, supporting events in the periphery, continuation of marketing promotion, innovation of the content of the event were in the agenda of the meeting. Penghu County hoped to give visitors new experiences and feelings with a brand new stance.

    The creativity of the drones brought about by the Department of Tourism emerged as a lucrative business opportunity for Penghu, said Lai Feng-Wei. Room booking rate for lodging grew by 20%, taxi business was up by 50% and the total visitor population increased by 30% by head count. The tourism industry has also been busy. He wished all of the county government could continue to launch innovations and light up Penghu again in tourism.

    According to Chen Mei-Ling, Director of the Department of Tourism, this was the first time that drone technology and technical waterfront performance were introduced to the Penghu Fireworks Festival, which is a success. There were some 310,000 audiences by head count flooding in Guanyin Pavilion to watch 22 firework shows. In the firework festival running from April to June, Penghu has also attracted 420,000 visitors by head count for tourists travelling to the island.

    Chen Mei-Ling further mentioned that the tourist population this year was a historic high, which indicated growth of about 30% as compared with the previous year. The tourist population in May was 184,289 by head count, and was 188,292 by head count in June. The tourist population in these two months was indeed a record high for a single month. Likewise, the room booking rate for lodgings at Penghu also grew by about 20% while car rent service boosted by 50%. It was estimated that the event has brought in about NT$2.1 billion from tourism. Some foreign enterprises were also motivated to engage in joint ventures at Penghu.

    The Penghu International Fireworks Festival at Penghu will continue to be innovated with value adding to brand and attraction of foreign investment to improve the revenue of Penghu in two directions, said Chen Mei-Ling. For upgrading the brand value of the fireworks, an international fireworks competition and broadening of the scope of the firework photography competition was planned for the next year to show the charm of the firework brand once again, said Chen Mei-Ling.

    “If flowers bloom, the butterflies will come”, said Lai Feng-Wei. It was the first time in 17 years that Penghu has introduced drones to echo with the firework show in the International Fireworks Festival. This was a success with positive feedback from the tourists and the new media and has also attracted a number of world-renowned enterprises to engage in joint venture. This will mean fruitful economic benefits for Penghu.
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