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Clean up the beaches for 96 villages in Penghu to make it a model of Taiwan and benchmark of the world in beach cleanup
Press Section 2019-10-19 162
    The Penghu County Government launched the Clean Up the Beach in Autumn Campaign on the 19th in the morning that helped to clean up 2,068 kg of garbage, and pronounced the successful cleanup of beaches in 96 villages. Penghu County Mayor Lai Feng-Wei thanked all villages for their support in cleaning up the beaches and for showing up at the 3-drop of water spirit of persistence of Penghu people. It was their cohesiveness in fighting garbage at sea that made them a model of Taiwan and benchmark by the world.

    Affected by the northeasterly and the ocean currents, a huge quantity of garbage has been drifted along the coastline of Penghu that caused damage to the ocean and pollution to the beaches of the county. To tackle the problem, Lai Feng-Wei encouraged the local communities to “clean up their own home.” The result was the successful cleanup of beaches by 120 repeated actions with the mobilization of more than 15,000 people by head count and the cleanup of 206 kms of the coastline and the ciollection of 295 tons of garbage.

    Penghu County Government held the “Cleanup the Beach at Penghu as a Model for Taiwan and Benchmark for the World” cleanup the beach campaign at Longmen on the 19th and pronounced Penghu with all its clean beaches to the world. In this campaign, a total of 630 kg of plastic bottles, 94 kg of glass bottles, 103 kg of floaters, 167 kg of drifted logs, 113 kg of fishing nets, 155 kg of Styrofoam and 806 kg of dumps were cleaned up, which made up to a total of 2,068 kgs of garbage. The result is astounding.

    In the past, the beach at Longmen was covered with garbage drifted in from the sea, which hampered its scenic view on the coastline, according to Lai Feng-Wei. The Village Chief Hung Jui-Ta led 72 volunteers to work in two sessions every day for 4 consecutive months to clean up the beach. The result is surprising. Later, other villages such as Siyu, Paisha, Cimei, and Wangan followed Longmen to mobilize their villagers to start cleaning up the beaches.

    The whole county has cleaned up 120 sites of the beaches in this year with the participation of villagers and the military totaled 15000 people by head count. They cleaned up 206 kms of coastline with almost 300 tons of garbage extracted. All the 96 villages of Penghu County shared the cause, said Lai Feng-Wei. This is the evidence of the incremental improvement and growth. He further mentioned that Penghu County is the most serious place in the world to fight dumping at sea, and has emerged as a model for Taiwan and a benchmark for the world.

    Lai Feng-Wei stressed that Penghu has done two very meaningful things for the global village. First of all, it is the cleanup of the trash dumped at sea. Secondly, it is the reduction of plastic. In the future, the mode of simple life, inspection of the sources of plastics, picking up garbage and reducing plastic, will be its mode of life. He wished that all could work hard together to keep the environment clean and work hand-in-hand to upgrade Penghu.

    There were about 1,200 participants from 40 institutions and groups engaged in the cleanup the beach campaign on the 19th, including the village and city offices, communities, Penghu National Scenic Area Administration, Pingtung Forest District Office of the Forestry Bureau, Coast Patrol Corps 7 Kinmen-Matsu-Penghu Branch, Offshore Flotilla 8 Fleet Branch, Coast Guard Administration, Ocean Affairs Council, Penghu Defense Command, Public Clinic of Tri-Service General Hospital Penghu Branch, Penghu District Office of Taiwan Power Corporation, Magung Marketing Service Center, Chiayi Sale Office of CPC Corporation, Taiwan, Suez NWS, PROFOND DFS, and LoveOcean.

    In addition, Lai Feng-Wei also presented the license of fostering beaches for cleanup. The list covers: Mt. Jianshan Power Plant of Taiwan Power Corporation, National Penghu Marine and Fishery Vocational High School, Xingren Elementary School, Shanshuei Elementary School, Fengguei Elementary School, Hujing Elementary School, Longmen Elementary School, Aimen Elementary School, Husi Elementary School, Jhongtun Elementary School, Jhenghei Junior High School, Paisha Junior High School, Jibei Elementary School, Neian Elementary School, Hoheng Elementary School, Siyu Elementary School, Tachih Elementary School, Jiang Jiyuen Elementary School, Wangan Elementary School, Mahalo B
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