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Earth lights out in an hour. Lai Fengwei calls for energy saving and carbon protection.
Penghu County Government 2019-03-30 338
    "2019 Earth Hour Earth Hour" was lighted out. On the evening of the 30th, it was staged at Four Points by Sheraton. The leader of Penghu County, Lai Fengwei, was present. He called on the whole people to turn off the lights on their own, save energy, implement energy conservation and carbon reduction, and protect the earth together. surroundings.

    At 20:30 on the evening of the 30th, in the countdown of the crowd, Four Points by Sheraton, Penghu County Government, Yalin Hotel, Yucheng Hotel, Xiqiao Hongqiao, Shiquan, Dongwei Electric Tower were extinguished and the lights were ignited. Candles, and by the Wuhu Island Scouts, the Magongs Central Orchestra, the National Music Club, the Zhongzheng Guoxiao Choir and the Yankeda Hotsound Society, performed in a full-scale unplugged manner.

     At 21:30 in the evening, everyone shouted "I love the earth" and the chorus "Sunshine and Light Rain" ended successfully. Everyone worked hard to protect the global environment.

     Lai Fengwei said that there is only one earth, and humans emit a lot of greenhouse gases, causing global warming and climate change. Energy conservation and carbon reduction have become an international trend. He called on the public to manage their own daily life, turn off unnecessary electrical power, reduce carbon emissions, mitigate the impact of greenhouse gas effects, make energy conservation and carbon reduction a national movement, and fulfill the basic responsibility of the global citizen, and make a contribution to environmental sustainability. Heart.

     The Wuhu County Environmental Protection Bureau said that in 2018, Taiwan responded to the Earth's one-hour light-off event. The nation's electricity consumption was reduced by about 100,000 kWh, equivalent to 100,000 watts of electrical power used for 100,000 hours, and also reduced by 52,700 kilograms of carbon emissions. Turn off the lights for one hour, save electricity and achieve a low carbon sustainability concept.

     The Earth Hour event was launched by the environmental group WWF and Sydney Morning Herald. It is recommended to call the family and the store to turn off unnecessary power for one hour at 20:30 on the last Saturday of March each year. After that, it became a global development of the environmental protection movement, hoping to awaken the awareness of energy conservation and carbon reduction for all people, promote activities to reduce energy consumption, and raise public awareness of climate change.
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