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Okura Mazu Coordination Meeting
Penghu County Government 2019-02-25 350
    Regarding the continued construction of the Okura Mazu Cultural Park, the Wuhu County Government invited the representatives of the pros and cons to hold a coordination meeting on the 26th, and decided to hold a public hearing in mid-March, and broadcast it through the fourth and the Internet. After the end of the public hearing, one and a half months later. The county's polls were held, and finally the results of the polls decided whether Da Cang Mazu would restart.

     On the afternoon of the 26th, the Wuhu County Government invited the Da Cang Mazu Cultural Park to coordinate between the two sides. The representatives of the supporters were Bai Shayu, Song Wanfu, Baisha, Chairman of the White Sands, Wu Zhengli, Dacang Village Chief Chen Wen, and Chairman of the Wuhu County Tourism Research Association, Chen Meng. The opposing representatives are Wu Shuangze, Chairman of the Ocean Citizens Foundation, Chen Zhongxing, Coral Reef Travel Agency, Zhang Zude, Head of Marine Education Program at Magong High School, and Zheng Zunqi, Chairman of the Okura Community Development Association.

     Chen Qiyu, the secretary of the county magistrate, said that the county government recommended that the county people understand the reasons for support and opposition through a public hearing, through the fourth and live webcasts, and then conduct a poll. The polling questions must be approved by both parties, and the polling companies that are acceptable to each other should be entrusted, and the two parties should monitor the polling process throughout the whole process, and finally decide whether to continue construction with the majority results.

     Chen Qiyu said that the Okura Mazu Cultural Park has been terminated within the prefecture of Chen Guangfu County. If it is necessary to restart, it must be re-raised and budgeted for parliamentary deliberation. The county government hopes to investigate public opinion in a fair, just and open manner through the discussion of public hearings and polling mechanisms.

     After the discussion between the two parties, the county magistrate Lai Fengwei ruled that the positive and negative parties sent three representatives, and held a public hearing in mid-March. Each person expressed his position in 10 minutes, and a poll was held one and a half months after the end of the public hearing. The result should be respected by most public opinio
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