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Qingwan Cactus Park Contract Signing Combining Ocean Recreation and Culture to Create a New Bright spot in Pengnan
Penghu County Government 2018-11-26 344
    The construction project of Qingwan Cactus Park, which has been long delayed due to investors' factors has reopened the evaluation a few days ago. Argo Yacht Club has won and become the best investor. The contract signing ceremony was held on the 7th; County Magistrate Chen Kuang-fu and the President of Yaqin Marine Cultural and Creative Ltd. Huang Yu-ting jointly signed a contract. The entire project is expected to complete the first phase, the construction, and business operation of the snorkeling center and the Dashan Artist Village. By the end of 113, the entire project is scheduled to be finished to create Qingwan become a special site of international tourism that connects the tourist attractions in Pengnan area and creates a new highlight for Pengnan Harbor tourism.

    Qingwan Cactus Park is located in Magong Fenggui Peninsula, where the geological landscape of basalt is rich in variations. The excellent growth status of the settlement of Agavoideae and cactus plants makes the place feature signature resources of Penghu's local tourism industry. The County Government has been actively restored the Cactus Park; after the re-announcement of the investment procurement, Argo Yacht Club is selected as the best investor. Both parties signed the contract at the Discovery Hotel. There are VIP guests jointly witnessing the ceremony, including the Deputy Magistrate Lin Jie-xing, the Director of Economic Affairs Department Lu Chun-tian, the Director of General Affairs Department So Wen-zhang, the Commissioner of Agriculture and Fishery Bureau Xue Hong-ying, the Commissioner of Police Department Jia Le-ji, the Commissioner of Fire Department Ye Tian-gong, the Director of Penghu National Scenic Area Administration Chen Zhi-xian, the Chairman of Magong City Council Chen Yong-peng, the President of Argo Yacht Club Hou You-lin, the Chief Director of Malaysia Xinzhongwei Group Liang Ji-tao, the General Manager of Taichung Diving Lin Yu-qi, and other VIP guests.

    Chen Kuang-fu indicated that two years ago, due to the investor factors that led to the suspension of Qingwan Cactus Park construction project, the County Government terminated the contract in September 2016.
    To avoid idle bases, the team of County Government has actively re-announced the investment procurement to introduce the creativity and experience from non-government organizations in the Hope to explore a new attractive site for tourism in Peng Nan area so as to promote the overall development of Penghu tourism.

    Chen Kuang-fu indicated that Argo Yacht Group is planned to invest more than NT $336 million dollars in the reconstruction of the Cactus Park, snorkeling center, international artist village, and the construction of Seaview Resort; it is scheduled to complete the construction of snorkeling center and Dashan Artist Village in April next year and by the end of 2024, the entire construction project will be finished to connect Shetoushan, Fenggui, Suogang Wharf Terminal, and Tourist Fish Market so as to prosper the tourism in Pengnan.

    Hou You-lin indicated that Argo Yacht Club has abundant experiences of yacht port management, in the future, after the construction and operation of Qingwan Cactus Park, Magong Inland Sea and the First Fishing Harbor will be connected to create a new marine tour route; and, with business creativities and experiences that will flourish the park, when people visit Qingwan Cactus Park, they can learn a variety of marine recreational activities, such as snorkeling and sailing, and the high added-value and new opportunity will be brought to the tourism in Penghu.

    Last year in June, at Magong First Fishing Harbor, Argo Yacht Argo activated the Argo Yacht Wharf, which has created good business performance and set up the benchmark of restoration and transformation of the old fishing port. The investment this time is expected to be more than NT $336 million in the reconstruction of the entire park area, which includes a green construction, a solar walkway in a total length of 2.5 km; also, working with the team of "Taichung Diving", which has nearly 30 years of professional experiences in Taiwan prepares a variety of water recreational activities within the site; and, it's planned to introduce long-term residing art resources into Dashan International Artist Village; and, "Malaysia Xinzhongwei International Holdings Group Ltd." is invited to invest in the construction of Seaview Resort in Qingwan. Connecting historical monuments with Seaview resorts in the creation of a special theme park filled with sightseeing atmosphere can enhance the output value of Penghu's tourism as well as to make Qingwan a top recreational location that conforms to the trend of sightseeing.
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