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2018 Penghu Agricultural and Fishery products International Procurement Fair 20 Buyers from 8 Countries Attended for Procurement
Penghu County Government 2018-10-26 276
    In order to promote the development of local industry, on 26th at B2 floor of Four Points Hotel by Sheraton, Penghu County Government jointly held the " Penghu Agricultural and Fishery products International Procurement Fair" with Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA and Taiwan External Trade Development Council; there were 20 buyers from 9 countries including Canada, Hong Kong, the United States, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and mainland China to make face-to-head business negotiations and direct visits to the places of origin with Penghu's local suppliers.

    Penghu County Magistrate Chen Kuang-fu gave his oration to welcome everyone to the world's most beautiful bay- Penghu. Because there is no heavy industry, so the land of the Penghu is not polluted, fresh air, good people, good security, and abundant agricultural products. Penghu's agricultural products are world-class, such as aloe vera, glossogyne tenuifolia (GT), seaweed, coccoloba uvifera (sea grapes), seafood, and of such kinds are in good quality. Although it is not possible to generate a large amount of production, the most exquisite products can be promoted to the world.
    Moreover, through the communication made in the event, the information on the international level of agricultural products and commodity can be brought to Penghu and make Penghu march to the world.

    This year, a total of 26 local suppliers in Penghu joined the fair as well as the fresh aquatic products manufacturers and top ten souvenir products. Most products are Penghu's aquatic products, seafood by-products, and characteristic agricultural products (cactus, glossogyne tenuifolia (GT), aloe vera, and etc.) Also, VIP guests and buyers were provided with free tryouts in a lively atmosphere. Through the procurement fair, the communication between enterprises can be established, and it's believed that the enhancement of core competitiveness can be boosted so as to facilitate Penghu's local suppliers to enter the world for opening up the export marketing opportunity and establishing a good trading platform.

    The event on 27th will invite foreign buyers to the store and the factory of KueiShan International Ltd, and Penghu Branch of Agricultural Product Improvement Site, Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan to visit the places of origin. It's hoped to lead to long-term technical cooperation or business opportunities cooperation afterward so as to make the international buyers see the world's most beautiful Bay "Penghu", a place with excellent quality agricultural and fishery products as well as local characteristics products.
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