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2018 The Most Beautiful Bays Carnival and Annual Conference of the World Congress Grandly Kicks Off
Penghu County Government 2018-09-27 114
    It's the largest and most worldwide events held in Penghu's history. Various government units and hundreds of the local residents have jointly organized "2018 The Most Beautiful Bays Carnival and the Annual Conference of World Congress ", which was attended by nearly 300 delegates from 50 cities of 30 countries worldwide gathering in Penghu. The grand event has not only caught the world's attention but also made Penghu step onto the international stage, which is the best opportunity to demonstrate the soft power of the local culture and tourism.
    It was the first time that an international event held in Penghu. To warmly welcomed VIP guests from all over the world, today (27) Day at 4pm, the warmup of International Bay Carnival started with the parade, which set off from Zhongzheng Elementary School, and included the delegates of organization members from different cities of the world, the signature giant puppet of Puppet
    Its Double Theater, eye-catching flight attendants of Far Eastern Air Transport, beautiful charity pageant queens, and Hummer cars of Penghu Defense Command; also, the marching groups organized by Penghu County Government, Penghu County Council, Penghu Post Office, Aimen Elementary School and the local youth hot dance groups all took to the streets; the massive parade fully demonstrated the hospitality of Penghu as a host, the lively and joyful welcome atmosphere attracted people to take group photos. A series of carnival events will be held through September until the end of November. In addition to the exclusive carnival parade, there are Night of Bay, concerts, sports competitions and other versatile exhibitions and forum activities as good as expected.
    At night hours, the grand opening party was held at Penghu Magong City Guanyinting Recreation Area; President Tsai Ing-wen, the President of The Most Beautiful Bays in the World (MBBW) Maria das Dores Meira, Penghu County Magistrate Chen Kuang-fu jointly lighted up the light with guests from nationwide and worldwide to kick off a series of carnival events. The night party is planned with the theme, "Ocean, Penghu, and Fusion", and there are programs including "Starlight Sea God Festival", "Culture
    Oceans", "Oceans
    Story", "Wonder
    Time", "Resonance
    Resounds"; with adopting cross-field innovative techniques, a theater stage that combined light engraving visual technology, the charismatic Starlight Sea God Festival led the people to situations of the story; next, the program of national treasure Praise Songs performed by the Managing Director of Erkan Ancient Residences Chen Rong-yi demonstrated the hundred-year sea island life living in Penghu; the next program of Umbrella Dance jointly performed by the Dongwei Zhuang Wanzhi
    Parasol Theater and the Battle Drum Team of Penghu Defense Command demonstrated a Penghu's folk ritual ceremony rich in local signatures; and, the puppet drama themed with Penghu Qimei and performed by Puppet
    Its Double Theater through a creative giant puppet ( Penghu County Government has invited the Puppet
    Its Double Theater that organized nearly a hundred people and students of Xingren Elementary School, Zhongzheng Junior High School, Xingren Community to create a hand-stitched giant puppet to play in a local action drama.) creatively demonstrated Penghu's cultural assets of innovation as well as the ingenious lives living in Penghu. The other programs brought by the combination of Chai Found Music Workshop and students of Shiquan Elementary performed with the versatile Entertainer Biung Want (Wang Hong-en) whose beautiful voice along with dance, song, and Chinese national music demonstrates Penghu's wonderful moment at the most beautiful bay. At the last program, the music group, Johnny and the Band from England, with nearly 600 junior and senior high school teenagers organized a giant Orchestra and Choir that led the attending audience to sing together the theme song " The Ocean We Love is Here to Stay" and "Grandma's Penghu Bay". The culmination of the Carnival opening party of the year was carried by the brisk and wonderful music rhythms, and the scene of dazzling firework show lighting up Penghu's starry sky kicked off a series of carnival activities.
    Penghu County Magistrate Chen Kuang-fu welcomed all the guests from different countries from far distance worldwide. He indicated that 2018 The Most Beautiful Bays Carnival and the Annual Conference of World Congress is an important stand for Taiwan to increase its international recognition; also, it's an important event for Penghu to step into the International bay so as to make Penghu become one of the representatives of the green economy and the priority choice for tourists nationwide and worldwide to travel as well as make Taiwan outstanding in the marine economy to show the soft power of tourism.
    Winning the right to host the 2018 World Conference thanks to the full support from the central government and the enterprises as well as the engagement of the residents in Penghu. Welcome friends from all over the world to take a journey to Penghu for promoting the substantive exchange of experience of bays and enhancing the international visibility of Penghu as well as making Taiwan's Penghu Bay a new base for expanding bay power in The Far East.
    President Tsai Ing-wen said that in facing the trend of internationalization and globalization, it is really something that Penghu won the right to host the annual conference of The Most Beautiful Bays Carnival and the Annual Conference of World Congress, which is not only an important platform linking Taiwan Penghu to the world but as expand the International space and feedback to the international community, an important channel to demonstrate the soft power. Through the hosting of this grand event, Penghu has once again proved the world with Taiwan's strength in the marine economy and being one of the representatives of green energy. President of The Most Beautiful Bays in the World (MBBW) Maria das Dores Meira indicated that when looking out of the window of the plane before landing Penghu, she has already experienced the beautiful bay scenery in the Penghu, like a secluded place. She appreciated the organizers for their hospitality; Penghu's rich ecosystem and humanistic landscape are really desirable. It's so much looking forward to taking a deep tour visiting the beauty of Penghu.

    The Love of Sea is the theme of the annual conference this year. In the face of the common challenges of the global bay cities, marine environment, sustainable tourism, local economy, and so on have become important issues of marine urban development. The keynote speakers invited to the event including the former OECD Representatives,
    the Senator of Palau and the Representative of Climate Change Commission
    the Governor of Davao Oriental of Philippines, the Representative of Minister of Tourism and Environment of Malacca and Penang as well as a number of important people dedicating to tourism and sustainable development, and marine conservation. Through the exchange of experiences at the Conference, an interactive platform among bay cities was established. During the conference, there are forums and exhibitions held concurrently, including Global Harbor Cities Forum, International Symposium on the Effects of Climate Change, Global Ocean City Expo for exploring overall ocean issues and sharing innovative thinking on global bay governance and development. It's hoped that the exchange of experiences among the International bay cities, more opportunities for ocean development will be brought as well as expanding the link between Penghu and the world.
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