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MECO Vice Chairman Gilberto F. Lauengco Visited Feng-wei Lai to Explore Deeper Exchanges and Collaboration
Penghu County Government 2019-01-25 335
    The Manila Economic and Cultural Office Vice Chairman Gilberto F. Lauengco, assistant corporate secretary Arthur Abiera, MECO Kaohsiung branch director Irene S. Ng, Kaohsiung Labor Center director Rustico Dela Fuente and other delegates visited Penghu County magistrate Feng-wei Lai in the afternoon of the 25th. Feng-wei Lai said that Taiwan and the Philippines are close to each other in terms of their geographical locations and he hoped for a closer working relationship between the two countries in the migrant workers, English education, tourism and economy sectors.

    MECO cares about the working welfare of the Filipino citizens overseas. On the 25th, the party visited the Education Department, the Agriculture and Fisheries Bureau, the Coast Guard Administration, Foreign Affairs Division of the police department, the National Immigration Agency and the Social Welfare Department to discuss issues such as the Filipino fishing worker in Penghu County and also visited Feng-wei Lai in the hope of building a communication channel between the two sides.

    Gilberto F. Lauengco said that the government of the Philippines greatly values the rights and benefits of its citizens working overseas. He would like to thank the Taiwanese people for their kindness to the migrant workers, fishing workers and new immigrants and hope that a good communication channel can be established between the people, cities and governments to promote economic and cultural exchanges friendship between the countries.

    Feng-wei Lai pointed out that Taiwan and the Philippines share similar geography and island environments. He hoped for mutual learning in terms of island infrastructure in the future and looked forward to having further exchanges with the Philippines in the areas of agriculture, fishing industry, English education and tourism to build a closer working relationship.

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