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Inauguration of Feng-wei Lai at Handover Ceremony for the 18th Penghu County Magistrate
Penghu County Government 2018-12-25 404
    he inauguration ceremony of Feng-wei Lai as the 18th county magistrate of Penghu County was held at the performing arts hall of the Cultural Affairs Bureau. The newly-elected magistrate Feng-wei Lai said that he would devote his entire life experience to lead Penghu out of its difficulties to a return to glory.

    The inauguration ceremony of the 18th Penghu County magistrate and handover were held at performing arts hall of Cultural Affairs Bureau at 9am on the 25th. Minster Ming-tung Chen of the Mainland Affairs Council under the Executive Yuan presided over the oath taking and the newly-elected magistrate Feng-wei Lai accepted the county seal from the resigning magistrate, Kuang-fu Chen, to take over the responsibility of governing the county. Several hundred people, including the county government administrative team, distinguished guests and the local residents, attended the simple and formal ceremony.

    Minster Ming-tung Chen said that under the leadership of the resigning county magistrate Chen in the last 4 years, the administrative team was able to establish a social welfare network, improve the quality of medical services, launched sewer construction and promoted tourism while having limited resources and the results were all evident. The newly-elected county magistrate Lai had previously served twice as the Penghu County magistrate, and he had conducted large-scale relocation of the cemetery, suppressed excessive extraction at quarry sites, banned trammel nets fishing and held a fireworks festival to earn good feedback from the county residents. His efforts had won the first place among county magistrates in terms of the performance satisfaction rated by the residents according to the CommonWealth Magazine and five stars in terms of performance rated by Global Views Magazine, and Minister Chen believed that Penghu County would certainly be able to reach another new high under the leadership of county magistrate Lai.

    Kuang-fu Chen said that he participated in the handover ceremony with blessings and gratitude. He thanked the administration team for serving the local folks for more than the past thousand days and showing fruitful results. He wished that the team, supported by the new public opinion, would continue to serve the people and improve Penghu.

    The newly-elected county magistrate Feng-wei Lai encouraged the administration team with his prior experience serving two terms as the Penghu County magistrate and at the central government. He wished that the ruling team would follow the example of the first team, which had won five-star recognition, to actively identity and face issues, solve problems, serve the people with a heart-to-heart attitude and build mutual trust with the people to continue improving public satisfaction.

    Feng-wei Lai said that he would authorize tasks to the new team in the future. The deputy county magistrate Chih-Fu Hsu would be responsible for the replacement of the Taihua ferry, chief of staff Liu- Tsung Hu would be responsible for the planning and construction of an incinerator, the director of the Tourism Department, Mei-ling Chen, would be responsible for tourism and direct flights, the director of the Agriculture and Fisheries Bureau, Ching-hui Chen, would be responsible for marine revitalization, the director of the General Affairs Department, Tung-lin Hung, would plan the preparation for a marine science park, the director of the Social Welfare Department, Chi-chang Su, would plan the construction of a health regimen and cultural village, the director of the Education Department, Kuo-tsun Hsieh would be responsible for promoting a book-loving society, the director of the Department of Public Works, Ching-chiu Hung, would be responsible for the construction of social housing, the director of the Finance Department, Chia-wei Cheng, would be responsible for building a youth entrepreneurship camp, the chairman of the Industrial Development and Investment Committee, Chou-yun Hung, would be responsible for renovating the Magong business district, Magong mayor Chu-lin Yeh would be responsible for planning public childcare centers and kindergartens, Huxi Township mayor Cheng-chieh Wu would be responsible for building a culture and creativity arts village and the deputy director of the Tourism Department, Mei-fan Liu, would be responsible for planning a Penghu delicacy street.

    Feng-wei Lai said that in the future, he will actively promote the return of Star Cruises, the docking of Cosco Star at Penghu, direct flights between Taiwan and China and direct trips of cargo and passenger vessels from Dongshandao and negotiate cross-border fishing and dredging with China, resume the Strait Cup keelboat racing in June of the next year and hold qualification matches for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Sailing Competition.

    Feng-wei Lai pointed out that currently Lienchiang County, Kinmen County and Taitung County all have established branch offices in Taipei for better communication with the central government in order to obtain construction subsidies and the results have been good. In the future, he will establish a Penghu County government office in Taipei responsible for contacting the central agencies to follow up on and negotiate subsidies and construction projects. The residents of Penghu County often travel to Taiwan for medical services and there are a large number of people traveling to Taiwan from Penghu, so a Penghu County government office in Taipei would be able to offer assistance, consultation and convenience to the Penghu residents.
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