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Magong Airport renamed as Penghu Airport to market the island image of Penghu
Penghu County Government 2018-08-09 543
    The Civil Aeronautics Administration, MOTC held the “Leap into the World – Penghu Airport Rebranding Press Conference” in the morning of the 9th at the international arrival hall (1F) of Penghu Airport, officially renaming “Magong Airport” as “Penghu Airport”. Country Magistrate Kuang-fu Chen suggested that the rebranding serves to make the airport more readily identifiable among international travelers, thereby increasing the convenience of traveling and marketing Penghu’s overall tourism industry. The aim is to sculpt Penghu’s island image as the Most Beautiful Bay in the World.
    The rebranding press conference was hosted by the Administrative Deputy Minister of MOTC, Cheng-yuan Chang. The event was opened with an exciting performance by the Wenao Elementary School percussion band. The rebranding ceremony was attended by dignitaries including County Magistrate Kuang-fu Chen, Council Speaker Chao-ling Liu Chen, Councilors Chun-chin Lu Huang, Chun-yen Huang, Ching-hsu Tsai, Civil Aeronautics Administration, MOTC Director General Kuo-shien Lin, Penghu Airport Director Yung-sheng Chiu, Police Bureau Commissioner Le-chi Chia, Chief Prosecutor Jung-sung Chuang, Penghu Defense Command Commander Chin-tsai Huang, and Ever Rich General Manager Chien-ting Chiang.
    According to Kuang-fu Chen, although Magong Airport is located in Huxi Township, the marketing campaigns for Penghu are promoted under the name of Penghu. In light of the fact that the majority of domestic and international airports around the world have been named after their municipal names, such as Taoyuan International Airport and Taichung International Airport, he has repeatedly requested the central government to rebrand Magong Airport as Penghu Airport by visiting central government ministries. When Executive Yuan Premier Ching-te Lai visited Penghu last year, he agreed to rebrand Magong Airport as Penghu Airport, and the motion was approved by the Executive Yuan, officially changing the name to Penghu Airport.
    Kuang-fu Chen indicated that the 2018 Most Beautiful Bay Carnival and The Most Beautiful Bays in the World annual meeting will be held at the end of September, where the county government will organize a series of carnival activities. Rebranding Magong Airport as Penghu Airport helps to boost the international visibility of Penghu Archipelago and its overall identity. At the same time, the brand awareness of Penghu island can also be enhanced through international marketing campaigns such as The Most Beautiful Bays in the World, thereby establishing the brand image of “Penghu as the Most Beautiful Bay in the World”, expanding its international tourism market and generating steady growth in the influx of tourists.
    Chao-ling Liu Chen thanked the MOTC and the Civil Aeronautics Administration for listening to the voice of Penghu citizens by rebranding Magong Airport as Penghu Airport. It is hoped that the future, resources from the central government and local municipalities will be consolidated to further improve the visibility and quality of tourism in Penghu.
    Cheng-yuan Chang commented that Penghu Airport is the starting point of the Most Beautiful Bay in the World, and Penghu’s opening salvo of its launching onto the international stage. It is hoped that the Civil Aeronautics Administration and Penghu Airport will continue to bolster various software, hardware, and services in order to provide the most localized, premium quality service inspired by local ingenuity.
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