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Chairman of CPC, Dai Qian, arrived in Penghu and apologized to the public
Penghu County Government 2018-07-18 523
    In response to the oil spill in Hu-xi oil depot, the chairman of CPC, Dai Qian, made a trip to Penghu on the afternoon of the 18th of July. He visited County Magistrate, Chen Guangfu, and expressed a deep apology to the county government and all the villagers in Hu-xi town. In addition, he explained that CPC will spare no effort to rescue, to comprehensively conduct the aftermath so as to reduce the further expansion of pollution.

    County Magistrate Chen indicated that if the incident was not concealed, the oil spill would’ve been found six months earlier and could be prevented from expansion. However, the incident was just exposed, he reiterated to CPC that the primary focus now is on safety of all the villagers, preventing oil and gas from igniting; secondly, the soil and groundwater should be investigated and be prevented from pollution expanding; finally, the relevant personnel must be brought to account and a nice neighborhood needs to be re-built.

    Dai Qian, who took over as the chairman of CPC in November last year, firstly apologized to County Magistrate Chen and all the villagers in Hu-xi town. He explained that it was not until yesterday morning that he learnt of the whole story. He thanked the media for the supervision and assured that the oil spill had been under control. The dangerous period has passed thus the residents can be at ease. CPC will follow the county government and work together to solve the problem.

    Chairman Dai further explained that CPC has implemented the slurry wall in Hu-xi oil depot, and has evaporated the oil gas from the contaminated soil. CPC is experienced in dealing with related incidents, and thus has confidence to let the county government feel relieved. He also instructed CPC to set up an ad hoc group to follow up. The recovery plan in written will be delivered to Environmental Protection Bureau within one week. CPC will go all out to deal with the aftermath.
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