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Oil spill happened in Hu-xi oil depot. County Magistrate, Chen Guang-fu, required CPC to identify the cause and to take immediate recovery action.
Penghu County Government 2018-07-18 756
    The accidental oil spill in the Hu-xi oil depot was hidden and not reported which resulted in 63,000 metric tons of oil being spilled over. It affected the quality of soil environment and groundwater of Huxi Township for more than a year. The villagers lived in a fearful environment and regarded this incident as a replica of the Kaohsiung gas explosion. The local coordination meeting was held on July 18th. County Magistrate Chen strongly condemned the hidden incident from CPC. In addition to instructing Environmental Protection Bureau to take the initiative to assist in the investigation, he also requested CPC to identify the root cause as soon as possible, to make a recovery plan, to establish an internal monitoring mechanism, and to implement the feedback schema to the society.

    The coordination meeting on the 18th was held at the Huxi Community Activity Center at 10am. Township Mayor, Wu Xi-jie, was as the host, and was accompanied by County Magistrate Chen, Councilmen Cheng Wan-guan, Chen Zhen-zhong, Cai Qing-xu, and Chen Hui-ling, Chairperson of Hu-xi Township Hong Guo-qiang, Director-general of Environmental Protection Bureau Ma Jin-zu, and Committee Chair of the DPP Lu Chang-zhai, to voice for the residents. They expected that CPC could stand out, face the facts, give a reasonable explanation and handle the aftermath.

    County Magistrate Chen himself grew up in Huxi and was charged with important tasks. Therefore, he would never allow the pollution by human error happen in Penghu. The oil spill was hidden and confirmed as an illegal fact. He strongly condemned CPC and instructed Environmental Protection Bureau to intervene in supervision. CPC was required to be transparent in any information collecting, to find out the cause as soon as possible so as to reduce the expansion of pollution, to implement the aftermath, and finally to figure out the relevant personnel to be called to account.

    County Magistrate Chen also stressed that CPC should establish not only an internal monitoring mechanism to ensure that such accidents no longer occur but a feedback schema of being friendly to the neighborhood and to compensate the residents for the grievances suffered for many years.

    Director-general of Environmental Protection Bureau, Ma Jin-zu, said that according to the results of soil sampling and groundwater sampling tests, the bureau will make a fine based on the provisions of Water Pollution Control Act. Meanwhile, the amount of the penalty will be determined according to the test results. The inspection report is expected to come out on the 19th of July.
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