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2018 The Most Beautiful Bays Carnival and Congress is recruiting people with “Ambition” and a “Sense of art” to participate in this annual event in Penghu
Penghu County Government 2018-07-31 491
    The series activities of 2018 The Most Beautiful Bays Carnival and Congress in Penghu is in full preparation now. The Penghu County Government has won the right to organize this event and the grand debut will soon be held at the end of September this year. The bay members and representatives from international cities will all gather in Penghu. With the transformation from localization to internationalization, we invite the local performance groups to participate in and to show the unique charm of Penghu to our international guests through their performances.

    The recruitment of volunteers and performance groups will start from July 25th until August 6th, 2018, with a series of recruiting and training activities. We welcome people with enthusiasm and willingness to participate in.

    The Penghu County Government stated that there are unique sceneries and rich natural resources as well as warm and hospitable residents in Penghu. In particular, the series activities’ planning this time will focus on local groups and invite well-known performance groups and school teams for the interaction and performances which can inherit the art and cultural assets of Penghu. Through the recruitment, more ambitious young people will have chance to show their creativity and ability, that is, another mission of organizing 2018 The Most Beautiful Bays Carnival and Congress this year. We welcome all volunteers and performance groups to join, to inspire "Taiwan ‧ Penghu Bay,” and to show the world the enthusiasm and hospitality from Penghu people.

    To volunteer, please contact Tel: (06) 926-8545 Fax: (06) 926-4710 Mr. Ke Bo-xiu / Ms. Chen Yu-xiang

    For performance groups recruitment, please contact Tel: (02) 2758-5450ext667 Fax: (02) 2729-0720 Mr. Wang Wei-kuan

    Attachment: Volunteering Registration Form/Performance Group Registration Form

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