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The integrated information service, an information management platform of the care and security network for the elderly living in solitary in Penghu, has been upgraded and officially brought into use
Penghu County Government 2018-07-06 673
    In order to ensure that the elderly who live in solitary are properly cared for, the county government actively integrates resources and establishes an information management platform of the care and security network for the elderly in solitary in Penghu county. The launch ceremony was held on the morning of July 6th in the county hall, which brought Penghu county to an important milestone of providing service for the elderly solitary. County Magistrate, Chen Guang-fu, attended the ceremony and announced the government's determination to take care of the elderly solitary. By integrating the information system platform, the county government can provide various services to make the elderly happy and put their children’s minds at rest while working abroad.

    Aging has become an important issue globally. There is a total of 104,073 population in Penghu county. The aging index ranks at 4th place. The elderly population rate is as high as 15.2%, of which the elderly in solitary accounts for 9.2%. Since the year 2016, the Social Affairs Bureau has promoted the "Care and Security for the Elderly living in Solitary in Penghu County Program" and installed an "Information Management Platform for the Elderly Solitary.” To integrate civil affairs, social affairs, healthcare, police, fire protection, information and welfare service via internet, the information cross-domain network was established. The county government actively promoted this integrated information network where the basic information of the elderly living in solitary, service projects and notification procedures were well collected and recorded. This integration system builds a comprehensive notification mechanism and presents the convenience of information network.

    According to County Magistrate Chen, there are 1,474 elderly people living alone in Penghu county. The county government has actively taken care of the elderly in recent years by setting up 34 community care centers plus more than 20 community areas for meal-sharing, and by offering meal boxes for the low-income elderly living in solitary. The cost of the meal box increased from 65NTD to 80NTD, and about 540,000 meal boxes can be delivered every year. Through the food delivery by volunteers, the elderly in solitary will be visited, and be cared for as well as the unexpected situation can be reduced. The information management platform integrates the service from various units so as to make the elderly happy and put their children’s minds at rest while working abroad.

    The participants of this ceremony included Director of Social Affairs Bureau Su Qi-chang, CEO of Lifecare Li Jia-meng, Section Chief of Folk Custom Section, Civil Affairs Department Xu Huan-ming, Section Chief of Local Governance Section Zhuang Pin-wan, Section Chief of Crime Prevention and Correction Section, Police Bureau Wu Shui-ping, and Section Chief of Medical Care Section, Public Health Bureau Xu Juan-juan.

    The “Information Management Platform of the Care and Security Network for the Elderly Solitary” is convenient and easy to operate. As long as you enter the system, fill in the basic information, click on the resources provided by each unit, and check the service details of the elderly solitary in the cloud databank. Overall, a complete summary of each service record can be found in the platform in order to ensure the welfare resources are allocated averagely. The service providers can better understand the status quo of each elderly by searching the inquiry sheet. The integration of civil affairs, social affairs, healthcare, police, fire protection, township and welfare units can build a safe and complete information database for the elderly who are in solitary.
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