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A letter of intent “Emergency Medical Priority for Penghu Residents” was signed between the county government and FAT. It will be convenient for residents to seek medical treatment.
Penghu County Government 2018-06-25 326
    In order to ensure the urgent needs of the residents to board Taiwan, the Penghu County Government sets a record to sign a letter of intent with Far East Airlines (FAT) for the “Emergency Medical Priority for Penghu Residents.” From July 1st, in order to save the waiting time, the routes to Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung will retain 2 to 3 seats each class for Penghu residents who are urged to go to Taiwan.

    Penghu is famous of tourism. It is always difficult to get a flight ticket during the hot season. Due to physical illness or funeral arrangements, people from Penghu sometimes have to board to Taiwan urgently without making reservations in advance, which results in a long waiting time at the airport. With the parliament's suggestion and under the negotiation between the county government and FAT, FAT understood the inconvenience of the inhabitants living in Penghu county, and decided to take the lead in responding as well as to set an example for others to follow. At 4:50pm on June 25th, the letter of intent “Emergency Medical Priority for Penghu Residents” was signed by County Magistrate, Chen Guang-fu, and Chief Operating Officer of FAT, Zeng Jing-chi, at the first meeting room of the Penghu County Government. The officials who witnessed this moment together include Speaker Liu Chen Zhao-ling, Deputy Speaker Chen Shuang-quan, Councilman Huang Chun-yan, Secretary-general Hu Liu-zong, Executive Officers Lu Chun-tian and Zeng Hui-xiang, Director of Tourism Department Hong Qing-jiu, and Director of General Affairs Department Su Wen-zhang.

    County Magistrate Chen said that FAT has long supported Penghu's transportation, education, sports, sightseeing and social welfare activities. This time, FAT further retains 2 to 3 seats for each class of the routes to Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung for the residents who have urgent medical needs or funeral arrangements in Taiwan. The county government will assist the residents in contacting the FAT platform. FAT will unconditionally reserve the seat one hour before departure, so that people with urgent needs can be prioritized. For the action FAT has done, County Magistrate Chen expressed his sincere gratitude on behalf of the county government.

    Speaker, Liu Chen Zhao-ling, also expressed the importance of emergency medical priority by taking the real stories from her relatives and friends. She thanked FAT for providing the seat guarantee service for Penghu residents who urgently need to go to Taiwan. She also expected that in the near future, other airline companies such as Mandarin Airlines and UNI AIR will follow and benefit more people.

    Chief Operating Officer of FAT, Zeng Jin-chi, pointed out that Penghu is as part of the hometown to Far Eastern Airlines. FAT has always been supported by people living in Penghu, and therefore, once there is demand, FAT will give the ultimate assistance in return. Except for promoting the tourism in Penghu, FAT this time specifically responded to the county government's policy, providing Penghu residents the emergency medical priority service and expecting that people can enjoy more convenience and comprehensive cares and services.

    The above action is planned to be implemented from July 1st, 2018. It is applicable to FAT routes between Penghu to Taipei, to Taichung, and to Kaohsiung. The ATR model reserves 2 seats per class; while the MD model retains 3 seats for priority use and will be reserved till the last 60 minutes before departure. For passengers who have the above requirements, please contact the Service Desk of Penghu County Government: 0800880180, 06-9276675 or 1999 dedicated line.
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