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The new establishment of Dongwei Community Care Center
Penghu County Government 2018-06-29 316
    The 34th community care center based in Penghu County, the Dongwei Community Care Center, was officially unveiled on the morning of the 29th of June. County Magistrate, Chen Guang-fu, attended the unveiling ceremony and ignited the light of hope with all the distinguished guests. He encouraged the elderly to go outdoors, to interact with others, and to make their retirement life more abundant and fulfilling.

    The set-up of the community care center has been the driving policy under the lead of County Magistrate Chen. It is expected to accomplish 39 centers this year. So far, 33 centers have been unveiled. The Dongwei Community Development Association is the 34th center of the county. In Ma-gong city, there are 14 places in 33 villages putting up with community care centers. The penetration rate will increase to 45.5% before the end of the year. The county government expects that by increasing the number of centers, the elderly can get the sufficient and adequate welfares and participate in various static and dynamic activities or courses which help maintain health and prevent dementia, disability and bedrest. This will lead everyone towards a happy city.

    “Dongwei has a beautiful environment surrounded by reservoirs, tunnels and parks. The elderly in fact own a good living environment,” said County Magistrate Chen. Through the establishment of the Dongwei Community Care Center, the elderly have an excellent place to go. In addition, the living needs of the elderly can be better met through a series of activities such as birthday celebrations, telephone greetings, health workshops, etc. The community turns the discarded glass bottles into creative handworks. The way of giving new values to recycled waste helps in promoting the Dongwei community.

    During the ceremony, the children of Ma-gong City Nursery School, Dongwei Division, kicked off with the energetic and exhilarating activity. County Magistrate Chen, Speaker Liu Chen Zhao-ling, Deputy Speaker Chen Shuang-quan, Councilman Lu Huang Chun-jin, Director of Social Affairs Bureau Su Qi-chang, Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection Bureau Xu Jia-pei, and Chairperson of Wang-an Township Representative Council You Bao-gui all participated in the unveiling ceremony. All of them jointly ignited the light of hope. The creative handworks from recycled glass bottles were displayed in the hall to express the collective efforts from every single person who form a warm care center all together.

    Up to now, there are 14 community care centers in Ma-gong City. The services provided include care visits, telephone greetings, counseling and referral services, health promotion activities, and catering services. Through localized services, the elderly can experience the community-based care and live healthier in the environment they are familiar with. Finally, the ideal of aging in place can be realized.
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