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Count Fish

Epinephelus quoyanus 
Epinephelus quoyanus 
Epinephelus quoyanus
English name:
Long-finned grouper
 They are distributed widely in the Indian-pacific water area and in the northern, eastern, southern and Penghu rocked or coral water area. Mostly the origin in Penghu county and also distributes the most in this water area.

Their length are about 3.0-3.3 times of their height. The front gill cover is with big ratchet below. Light color in brown. The whole body is covered with hexagonal dark spots, and because of the strips between spots form naturally the net-like picture, therefore they are named Long-finned grouper. The lower part of the back fin has no spot.
Belongs to along-coast shallow water area fish, usually shows up among coral and rocks in lagoons or bays. Their seldom inhabit deeper than 20 meters and little fish and carapace are their food.
 Body length:
more than 32cm maximum and usually around 12-25cm.
Inhabiting in shallow water area and mostly around coral area so as to swim around hunting little fish or carapace. They prefer sandy cay area. They are small grouper and can be available all year, spring and summer more though. Can be seen in the coral water area near Penghu all year. 
Tool and method to fish :
Fishery and function:
Groupers are the most common fish in this county along the coast and with great production. The most common way to fish them is by hand, or to catch by lighting up the ocean. It is the important economic fish king in this county. in earlier years, Penghu is a place with poor life standard and therefore most families go out to the sea and pick Lunella coronata, go fishing to catch ocean creatures to make a living. Due to the rich rocket and coral water area in this county, it becomes the perfect grouper production area. And grouper becomes an important fishing kind. It is with delicate meat taste and great production, therefore, in hundreds of years, Penghu people loved it. They are cooked in all various ways to deliver different great tastes. You can never come to Penghu without tasting it. Therefore, in year2000, the Penghu people has voted it as their county fish with 16000 votes!
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