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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

County Flower

The fresh orange Gaillardia pluchella Foug , is with strong vitality , just as the island people possessing the spirit to fight under however difficult surroundings and never get frustrated, and therefore being chosen as the county blossom of Penghu county.

Gaillardia pluchella Foug is originally grown in southern America. It is with strong biotic potential. It can be seen along coast or hills. The flower is about 5cm wide with its shank about 50cm tall, the flower becomes a lovely little ball after drooped and is of great appreciation value. During this hot summer, come and visit it, you will find these flowers welcoming you with radiant smiles.
Gaillardia : 
pluchella Foug
Trivial name : 
Mother chrysanthemum
Feature : Annual herbaceous, The county blossom of Penghu county. Height around 20~60cm,10cm length. Blossom in summer,with 5cm diameter,tubular flower in yellow and red at the end. Some are completely yellow and some are red. With 4 edges and corners,2~3cm length.
Distribution :
grow in school in the wild land or deserted places. Can be seen anywhere in Penghu. A strong and dominating plantation in Penghu grass land plantations.
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