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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

County emblem

A white logo, which charactered the Chinese word Peng,is designed with a light house with top in the middle and with the Penghu bridge across the ocean. In the logo, we see six waves representing the six country cities in the Penghu county strongly united together.

As to the background, the deep blue symbolizes the ocean, and the light blue stands for the blue sky. Therefore this logo explains what a quiet and pretty ocean paradise Penghu is with its grand ocean and the beautiful sky.

The logo as a whole symbolizes the Structure of Penghu. There is a lake inside the island, therefore outside the lake we see passionate waves while inside the lake water is as peaceful as a mirror. Also in the county, there is a famous big bridge across the ocean and five lighthouses named: Donji, Xiyu, Mudouyu, Chamuyu, Huaui. All these five lighthouses stand firmly in the Taiwan straits and shine with splendor to show the spirit and characteristics of Penghu.
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