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Culture landmarks
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There are traditional villages of early immigrants in Pneghu, and also there are different views due to diefferent cultural factors and long history of Penghu.
  • Traditional villages Traditional villages
There are traditional villages of early immigrants in PneghuThere are many old villages in penghu that are well kept and reserved. The ancient lao-gu stone constructions and houses, special temples and camps, towers to calm wind and many others all shape the unique view of penghu. There are some famous villages like central street in Magong Erkan, or two-can village in Xiyu Township. Beehive farmland and crop house
  • Beehive farmland and crop house

People in penghu would use every single lao-gu stone or basalt rock to build the wind proof wall to fight against the strong northeast monsoon. Agricultures for dry crop usually scatter around their houses and are therefore called "crop house". And all these agricultures are so close that the whole land looks like a beehive with those walls and then people call it beehive farmland.