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Culture-Penghu County Govermment


The total measure of city and rural area
The total measure of the land area of penghu is 127,9636 square kilometers. There are six townships and city in the county, the measure of ma-gong city area is 339918 square km, the measure of hu-shi township area is 3145,990425 square km, the measure of bai-sa township area is 20,0349, the measure of xiyu township area is 18,314 square km, the measure of wang-an township area is 13,9838 square km, and the measure of chimay township area is 7,5895 square km.
Current situation of usage
According to a survey done in late 1994, penghu has registered a total measure of its land area 11315 hectares. This is 89.2% of the total measure of land area. Therefore, the measure of unregistered land area is 10.8%. Among registered land, 6365 hectares are directly procreation farmlands. That is 56.25% of the registered land. 1306 hectares are construction land, and that is 11.54% of the total land. 685 hectares are traffic and water conservacy land, and that is 6.05% of the total land. 862 hectares are for military purpose, and this is 7.62% of the total land. 38 hectares are for recreation and 2041 hectares are for other purposes. They occupy 0.34% and 18.04% of the total land respectively.
Usage control
The usage control of the county land can be divided into three kinds : city land, non city land, and land for other special purposes

City land
Currently this county has five city plan divisions which occupy 7734316 hectares, and that is 6.8% of the county land. These lands are restrained by the city plan regulations and relevant rules as below: ma-gong city plan is categorized into city town plan, ma-gong lock harbor area and bai-sa tong-lian area city plan is categorized into rural streets plan, ling-tao scenic area plan, and west flat castle area plan are categorized into special area plans. Some city plans are with residential areas included. For example, in ma-gong cith plan, 130.82 hectares are residential area; in lock harbor plan, 35.47 hectares are residential area; in tong-lian city plan, 18.72 hectares.

In Ma-gong city plan, 31.3 hectares are business area; in lock harbor city plan, 3.58 hectares; in bai-sa tong-lian city plan, 1.01 hectares; in ling-tao scenic area plan, 0.83 hectares (this business area will change into thed hotel area according to the plan of the beach view); and major business area will center in the ma-gong city plan area with its current usage rate of 75.08%.

Not too much area will be planned for industryn purposes. The only area of 48.47 hectares is in ma-gong city.41.27 hectares in ma-gong city plan and 7.20 hectares in lock harbor city plan area. Currently not much area has been well developed. As to farmlands, among the total 147.18 hectares, 89.98 hectares is in ma-gong city plan area with zero usage rates. Others like 54.43 hectares in lock harbor, 1.78 hectares in tong-lian, 0.19 hectares in west flat castle are all zero usage rates. Only the 0.79 hectares in ling-tao is with a usage rate of 35.4%. for recreation purpose, there are 15.16 hectares in tong-lian city plan and 29.93 hectares in ling-tao scenic area plan. But both of them are not using it.
Non-city land
There are 11065 hectares of non-city land, and this is 93.38% of the registered land. Restrained by the district plan regulations and non-city land hsage control rules, non-city land are devided into 10 usage divisions and 18 kinds of purposes. Among the 10 divisions, general farmlands are with the highest usage rate of 67.33%; 447.84 hectares are country area for major villages; 2202.66 hectares are scenic area for tourism, recreation and forestation.

In land usage regulations, general farmland area include mainly farming and pasturing land which occupies 5727.66 hectares; country area is regulated for construction purpose and occupies 376.91 hectares; forest area is regulated for territory safety purpose which occupies 245 hectares and for forestry purpose which occupies 260.49 hectares; in scenic area, 912.61 hectares are regulated for farming and pasturing purposes, 161.95 hectares are for recreation purpose, and 202.91 hectares are for forestry.
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