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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

​Major Policies

◾ The Most Comprehensive Care for County Residents
To defend the dignity of the civil service and armed forces in Penghu, with bonuses for serving military personnel, civil service and the public education sector, a seniority increase, on the same level throughout the 3 offshore areas.
Expand the construction of social housing and subsidize the renovation of old houses to realize housing justice.
Expanded caregiving and welfare benefits.
Protect the livelihood of fishermen, a new approach to fishing law for traditional fisheries.
Same level of care for current Penghu residents and those domiciled in Penghu, with transportation subsidies of NT$10,000 per year for university students studying in Penghu.
Old-Age Citizens' Welfare Allowance for those aged 65 or older, NT$15,000 per year.
An extra NT$2,000 assistance allowance to physically challenged residents for the three major festivals.
Thoughtful care for new immigrants, talent cultivation for children of new immigrants.
Professionalization of teacher education, reduction of general administrative affairs of elementary and secondary school teachers and normalization of teaching.
Launch of a teaching resource integration center to integrate government policy promotion and other studies and activities.
Pioneering launch of Elementary and Junior High School Contracting Center to assist schools with large procurement projects.
On-time for program staff and it is proposed that the County Government will pay on behalf of institutions, so that the grassroots workers can receive their salaries on time.
More convenient outlying island ferry transport, so that colleagues serving on the outlying islands have the opportunity to go home for dinner and share the joy of family time.
The working rights of the contract employees should be improved and the assessment and promotion system should be clearer.
Free national health insurance for all, with the people of Huxi township as a priority.

◾ Enhance Quality of Healthcare
The Penghu Medical Ambulance Fund was established to address emergency transportation and medical evacuation needs.
Subsidies for Penghu residents using ambulance services in Taiwan Island.
Connect with advanced international medical technologies and set up medical special zones to create a quality medical development environment.
Free nine-valent HPV vaccine for children aged 9 to 14 years.
Partial subsidy for adult health checkups for county residents over 30 years old.
Free pneumococcal vaccination for county residents over 60 years old.
Denture subsidies for the county residents over 65 years old: NT$40,000 for full mouth and NT$20,000 for half mouth.

◾ Blissful Childhood in Penghu
NT$1,500 subsidy per month for diapers and milk powder for children under 2 years old.
Subsidize the cost of uniforms, stationery and out-of-school instructions for elementary school children.
Construction of indoor and outdoor playgrounds for children to avoid strong winds in winter and the sun in summer.
Promote non-profit kindergartens and quasi-public kindergartens, as well as care during summer and the winter break.
Post-partum care centers are either publicly run or publicly funded, with confinement nannies enjoying exclusive discounts and other benefits to take care of local pregnant mothers.
Renovate shoddily-constructed school buildings to protect the safety of teachers and students.
Promote AI smart technology courses and manufacturers are invited to introduce technology and equipment.
Strengthen the development of specialty physical education programs.
Promote mother languages and multi-lingual school fairs are held every year.
Provide a stage for student clubs and promote the development of student clubs. Regularly hold large-scale club exhibitions and invite school clubs at all levels to join in the activities and introduce scholarships for the development of student clubs.
Legal Counsel and Assistance Center, an education consultation window is set up to assist schools at all levels in explaining regulations and other concerns.
Teaching Resources Integration Center strengthened with manpower resources to professionalize teacher education.

◾ Giant Leap Forward in Tourism Development
Promote the establishment of indoor attractions, tourist factories and scenic restaurants to strengthen indoor attractions for visitors.
Worry-free low season, promote the hosting of winter sports events, folklore celebrations, local cultural promotion and special airfare discounts.
Create a marine eco-tourism park, accelerate the launch of the underwater museum and adopt metaverse and immersive technology to expand tourism sources.
The Penghu Defense Command barracks and historical buildings are prioritized for military history tourism. Soldiers returning home during winter enjoy exclusive goodies.

◾ Strong Industry Development Potential
Set up a New Recruit Training Center, for more vibrant economic development in the area.
Build a renewable energy demonstration plant, turn waste energy into electricity and do not ship out waste.
Transform historical buildings of the county into cultural and creative convention and exhibition venues, and that youth entrepreneurial space be included to encourage individual innovation.
Establish a multi-faceted platform for investment promotion and startup counseling.
Establish Smart Science Park to encourage local employment.
Integration of farmlands to attract young farmers to return to their hometowns and young farmers to come to Penghu, the new power of agriculture in Penghu.
Accelerate the construction of an ice production plant in Wai’an and assist farmers with their cold chain needs and strengthen the distribution channels.
Launch a youth startup space/base to provide two years of free startup space for young people.
Dedicated windows to provide entrepreneurial counseling resources, funding and matching.
2050 Future of Penghu Institute, youth participation in policy promotion to create a better Penghu together.

◾ Sustainable Islands, Love for the Homeland
Waste water is not directly discharged to the sea and sewage connections are accelerated to safeguard the sea.
Strengthened Coast Guard patrol to defend the fishing grounds of Penghu and strengthen the fight against illegal fishing and illegal sand mining from mainland Chinese ships.
Restore the nearshore fisheries, to strengthen the production capacity of the aquaculture fishery and repair stone weirs, so that future generations will have fish to eat.
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