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What should I know in particular about filing a consumer complaint?
  • Date:2010-01-01
  • Unit:General Affairs Department,Penghu County Government
  • category:Economic Affairs
  • Content:
  • The first complaint is filed with the County Government Consumer Service Center, the second complaint is filed with the County Consumer Ombudsman’s Office, and mediation must first complete consumer dispute complaint data sheet or mediation application form (free of charge). Please note the following: 1、 Complaint filed against a business must be made in writing to substantiate the case and avoid further dispute. Postal legal attest letter is a good example. 2、Timing is critical. Complaints concerning mail order or house-call sales must be exercised within 7 days after receiving the merchandise. 3、Provide as much detail as possible in the application form and provide supporting evidence. Attachments are allowed if the space on the application form is not sufficient.
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