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What is the procedure for making a consumer complaint?
  • Date:2010-01-01
  • Unit:General Affairs Department,Penghu County Government
  • category:Economic Affairs
  • Content:
  • 1、First complaint: County Government Consumer Service Center (for the first complaint) Address:Economic Affairs Bureau Telephone:9266266 Consumer hotline:1950 Consumer may file a complaint concerning a business product or service consumption dispute with the County Government Consumer Service Center. 2、Second complaint: County Consumer Ombudsman Officer will process the second complaint (if the first complaint is not property processed) Address: County Consumer Ombudsman Officer Telephone:9274400 Ext. 204 Fax:9279907 3、Mediation: Consumer Dispute Mediation Commission. Mediation is available if the first and the second complaints are not properly processed. Address:County Government Administration Office Telephone:9274400 Ext. 207 Fax:9279907 The complaints mentioned above must be made in writing; the processing agency provides standard forms free of charge.
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