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How do I apply for supplementary school registration in this County?
  • Date:2010-01-01
  • Unit:General Affairs Department,Penghu County Government
  • category:Education
  • Content:
  • According to Article 5 of the Regulations Governing Short Term Supplementary School Establishment and Administration, the procedure and required documents are: To establish a supplementary school, its founder must provide an establishment plan, registration application, and all supporting documents to the County Government and specify the following (standardized forms are available at the Education Bureau of the County Government): 1、Mission statement 2、Name, category, and number of classes 3、Address and floor plan 4、Duration of each program, weekly hours, time, program subjects, curriculum, and outline 5、General budget for the business 6、Credentials and Citizen IDs of the founder and school director. For skill training schools, an additional photocopy of the relevant skill of the school director is required. 7、License for usage that specifies the building is permitted to be used as a supplementary school, an approved floor plan, certificate of fire-fighting equipment inspection, and school floor plan (with specified classroom area, office, safety and hygiene facilities). 8、Organization chart and rules of study 9、 Credentials of teachers and staff and affidavits of non government military, public and teaching personnel (credentials and photocopies of Citizen IDs required) 10、Proof of school establishment fund deposit. (See attached table for required amount) 11、Proof of right of use of school building (if there is a lease, the term of the lease must be 2 years or longer). 12、Property inventory (including desks, chairs, books, instruments, safety equipment, school establishment fund, and other teaching materials). IIf there are two or more founders as mentioned in No. 6, a co-founder list notarized by a court and personal seal certificates are required and one founder shall be the representative. The school establishment fund mentioned in No. 10 must be deposited under the name of the school for the use of teaching and equipment improvement only. This fund may not be used without prior approval by the County Government.
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