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How does a registered short-term supplementary school apply to hire (new) foreign teachers? What documents must be prepared?
  • Date:2010-01-01
  • Unit:General Affairs Department,Penghu County Government
  • category:Education
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  • A short-term supplementary school that needs to hire foreign teachers for business must provide the following documents: 1、Application form 2、Application for hiring foreigner as foreign language teacher 3、 Photocopy of academic certificate (including Chinese transcription and an affidavit) 4、Photocopy of passport 5、 Affidavit or resignation agreement 6、 List of existing teachers and staff 7、 Health examination certificate (public hospital) 8、Employment agreement (signed by both parties and must be a Chinese-English bilingual form). A supplementary school may not employ or retain such foreigner on probation before the employment permission and resident visa are approved and issued.
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