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Security Policy

Security Policy
In consideration of website security and the continual service for all users, the Penghu County Government Website provides the following protective measures:
IDS (invasion detection system):
blocks all apparent malicious attack and monitors web traffic flow to validate unauthorized attempts to upload and interpolate website contents or deliberate damage.
prevents illegal intrusion, damage and data marauding to avoid illegal use of the website and to protect the rights and benefits of users.
Antivirus software:
scans computer virus and updates virus patches periodically to provide users with a safe and secure website browsing environment.
Unscheduled information security event drills:
performs system recovery from information security events and provides adequate security protection.
Daily backup:
stores all data in storage media in remote locations.
Automatic receipt of security maintenance notices from relevant system suppliers and the Information and Communication Security Technology Center: follows their recommendations and installs adequate security patches.
Self-protection measures
Please keep your password and/or any personal data properly. Do not lend your personal data to anybody, especially the password. After completing the online application, retrieving emails and function maintenance programs in the management area, please remember to log out from the system. If you are sharing the same computer with others or using a public system, please remember to close the browser to prevent others from reading your personal data, mails and/or entering the management area of related agencies.
Amendment of security policies
Due to the fast technological advancement and the unpredictable environmental change in the future, before the legislation of relevant laws and regulations, the Hsinchu County Council will amend as needed the description of security policies on the website to ensure the your Internet security.
Security policy enquiry
Should you have any questions relating to the security policy of the Penghu County Government Website, please feel free to contact us anytime.
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