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Privacy Policy
The Penghu County Government Website follows closely the Computer-Processed Personal Data Protection Act of the Republic of China when collecting the personal information of users. No personal information will be collected without the prior permission and consent of users. 
 The server of the Penghu County Government Website will automatically record the pages that have been visited by users and the source IP of users as a reference for content and system improvement, policy publicity and evaluation. Information collected for such purposes is for statistics and analysis and will not involve the use of the users’ personal information. 
 When users visit the Penghu County Government Website, a cookie (a small indicative text file) will be downloaded to their computers. This cookie does not contain data for identifying the identity of users. It only records the information relating to the configuration of personal services on this website. The server of the Penghu County Government Website can only retrieve records of activities on this website from this cookie and cannot retrieve records of activities on other websites. 
 This Privacy Terms is made effective as from today. However, to follow the changes in the society and laws and regulations and technological advancement, the Penghu County Government reserves the right to amend this Privacy Terms to protect the users’ privacy. All amendments will be updated and announced as soon as possible. 
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