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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

Baisha Township Office

Baisha Township Office, Penghu County
Organization structure
One Township Chief.
Three departments including Secretariat Department, Personnel Department and Accounting and Statistics Department.
Five sections including Civil Affairs Section, Finance and Economics Section, Public Works Section, Social Affairs Section and Tourism and Culture Section.
One kindergarten and one unit including Township Kindergarten and Cleaning Unit.
The Civil Affairs Section is divided into three units including Houliao Columbarium, Jibei Columbarium and Wuyu Columbarium.
Tourism and Culture Section is divided into two units: Arts Center and Township Library.
Social Affairs Section has one unit, Senior Citizens’ Activity Center.

Addresses of Government Agencies & Operations
Department/Section Function
Civil Affairs Section Local governance, village affairs, mediation affairs, aboriginal affairs, disaster prevention, civil defense affairs, civil affairs, civil physical education, social education, **public health, local public enterprise, cemetery management, temple managements, ancestral memorial property, check reports, military service affairs
Finance Section general affairs, finance management, tax management, public property management, cashier management, land management, 
Public Works managing hydraulic engineering, rural planning, road and bridge constructions, public constructions, other public constructions, street lamp works, constructions and facilities
Social Affairs Section general emergency services, welfare of the disabled, senior citizen welfare, women and children welfare, children welfare, social relief (middle-low-income households, low-income households), community developments, national health insurance
Tourism and Culture Section agriculture and fishing administration affairs, agriculture and fishing production promotion, outlying transportation affairs, tourism promotion, township library management, arts center management, vender and market management affairs
Accounting and Statistics Office Takes charge of annual venues, accounting and statistics.
Personnel Management Section Office Takes charge of personnel management and personnel performance evaluation.
Baisha Township Kindergarten Child care
Baisha Township Cleaning Unit We handle garbage disposal management, large waste disposal, recycling, road cleaning, ditch dredging, and other cleaning treatment and supervision related matters.
Contact information
Address: No. 366, Chikan Vil., Baisha Township, Penghu County
Contact phone number: (06)993-1001
Emai: baisha@bth.penghu.gov.tw
Fax number: (06)993-1031
Department/Section Phone number/Extension
Operator phone number 06-9931001
Extension of Township Mayor Ext. 200
Extension number of General Secretary Ext. 201
Civil Affairs Section Chief Ext. 110
Finance and Economics Section Chief Ext. 120
Public Works Section Chief Ext. 130
Tourism and Culture Section Chief Ext. 140
Social Affairs Section Chief Ext. 150
Director of Personnel Section Ext. 160
Director of Accounting Section Ext. 220
Direction Guide to our Township Office Bus Guide
All buses bound for Tongliang and Waian stop at the Baisha Township Office
Guide for personal transportation vehicles: