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Culture-Penghu County Govermment

Cimei Township Office

Cimei Township Office, Penghu County
Organization structure
Organization structure
The Township Office is in one Township Chief and one General Secretary.
The Township office is divided into one department with three sections: The Department of Secretariat is divided into a Civil Affairs Section, Finance and Economics Section and Social Affairs Section.
Two officers, including Accounting and Statistics Officer and Personnel Management Officer.
Two centers including Senior Citizen’s Activity Center and Digital Center.
Two units. including Township Library and Dayu Local Culture Museum.
One unit, the Cleaning Unit
One public cemetery, the Columbarium. 
Addresses of Government Agencies & Operations
Department/Section Function
Township Chief Lu-Li-xun Message from the Township Chief 
A beautiful fishing village with diverse attractive scenery, Qimei is surrounded by a crystal clear ocean with endless treasures and is different from any other islands of any town or village in Taiwan. Including the Seven Beauties Tomb with its profound tales, Twin-Hearts Stone Weir of international fame, enormous beauties of marine ecology, spectacular columnar basalt and amazing magical portrait stones (also well-known as the Stone Zoo) make this fishing village with quiet and simple country style, Cimei, an island of happiness.
        My dearest Folks, I foresee our land brimming with prosperity, and I will fulfill my vision by strengthening the connection and communication among administrative departments or sections, sincerely taking advice about reform from every corner of the society, improving the traffic system for promoting tourism, enhancing business growth for abundant livelihood and welfare of the people, allocating resources to women, children and the elderly, building an administrative team responsible for services to the people and development of our homeland. It’s expected to reattach young people’s sense of identity to their homeland and start their business for a sustainable development in Cimei Township.
        Li-xun and the City Government team will put in intensive efforts to serve the township residents, and we promise you the hospitality you would expect here in Township Office.  
General Secretary Lu Qi-jun Assisting in handling township services and reviewing and approving manuscript
Department of Secretariat Taking charge of archiving documents, news releases, general affairs, seals or imprimaturs, legal affairs and government compensations, public relations, planning complex projects, researches and developments, controls and evaluations, promoting citizen services promoting information management.
Civil Affairs Section managing local governance administration, mediation affairs, land administration, local public enterprises, compulsory education, physical education activities, social education, general affairs of military service, public cemetery, civil defense, environmental protection, religion, folk customs, small amount and hand-to-mouth construction work, monuments, and etc.
Finance and Economics Section Managing property management, tax management, enforcement and refund, civil engineering, public work, street lighting, agriculture, forestry, fishery and animal husbandry administration, industry and commerce, public market, urban planning, traffic, tourism, hydraulic engineering, etc.
Social Affairs Section Managing general social administration, labor, national health insurance, community development, healthcare subsidies, emergency services.
Accounting and Statistics Officer Designating annual central government general budget, supplementary budget proposal, audit, semi-annual final report
Personnel Management Officer Managing personnel management and peronnel evaluation
Contact information
Address: No.10, Neighborhood 2, 2nd Zhonghe village, Qimei Township, Penghu County
Phone number: 06-9971007  
Fax number: 06-9972021, 06-9972007
Department/Section Phone number/Extension
Operator phone number 06-9971007  
Extension of Township Mayor (06)9971007#10
Extension of General Secretary (06)9971224
Department of Secretariat (06)9971330
Civil Affairs Section (06)9971753
Finance and Economics Section (06)9971755
Social Affairs Section (06)9971754
Accounting and Statistics Officer (06)9972001
Personnel Management Officer (06)9971583
Fax number 06-9972021、06-9972007
Address of Township Office Neighborhood 2, Zhonghe village 2, Qimei Township, Penghu County
Direction Guide to our Township Office MAP
1. It’s a 10-minute walk or a 2-3-minute motorcycle ride from the airport to the Township Office.
2. It’s a 25-30-minute walk or a 6-8-minute motorcycle ride from Nanhugang Harbor to the Township Office.